A nice trip down memory lane

Change is constant in all art forms. How can it be different in music? Of late, in every concert or music show that I attend in Guwahati or any place else for that matter, I invariably end up meeting a sizeable number of people who state with a regretful tone: It used to be much better in our days, when there used to be melody in music. Well, I do agree with that statement, especially taking into consideration the fact that concert-goers of Guwahati nowadays hardly get to sample anything else other than 41 different types of metal!

To start this year on a positive note and to bring a smile in the faces of all those who grew up with “melodic bluesy-rock kind of music”, let me talk about Jon Bon Jovi’s latest album, The Circle, which was released worldwide two months back in November last year.

I don’t think Jon Bon Jovi is a name which needs an introduction, especially in our “music-crazy” region. I think I am speaking for countless people when I say that I grew up with Bon Jovi. I listened to them when they were in their prime in the 80’s, when they were one of the best in the business. They spilled over their greatness into the nineties at well. Who won’t remember the album, Keep the Faith? This musician-cum-actor surely left a mark in the hearts of the people with his signature style ballads!

Let’s talk about The Circle now. I have been waiting for this album ever since I heard that it is going to be released and I lost no time in downloading them once it was released (wonder why I can hardly find what I am looking for in music stores of Guwahati nowadays!). It was nice to hear the trademark Jon Bon Jovi sound once again but in certain ways, the album was a downer. Their sound is truly unique but the singular aspect which differentiates them is their ballads. I was surprised for there were no true ballads in this album.

For those who are excepting the trademark Bon Jovi sound of the eighties, please don’t buy this album. Bon Jovi doesn’t reinvent themselves with this album, they continue to grow with their fans and evolve. Though I won’t say much about the rest, Jon is right there with the power vocals, anthem songs, and lyrics that really make you think. Most of the songs in the album are good though there aren’t any which will really jump at you.

We Weren’t Born To Follow is an upbeat song that I like because it really raises your spirits. Then I like Superman Tonight for it is the closest to a ballad. I’m not really certain whether Superman Tonight can be classified as a ballad but for anyone who has been in love, it’s a song we can all identify with. I’m still listening to the album, trying to allow the other songs time to grow on me.

As I said before, don’t expect an eighties Bon Jovi album when you buy The Circle for if you do, you will be simply disappointed. However, I am sure it will still be a nice nostalgic ride for many of us!


About Aiyushman Dutta

Who am I? Yet to find the answer. For the time being, u can call me a writer, maybe a journalist and a music entrepreneur or an errand boy! Whatever suits your fancy!

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