Conquering Heights!

A young Asomiya girl recently made the entire State proud by making a mark in a prestigious national- level model hunt. Yes, I am talking about Shyashree Saikia of Jorhat who proved the better of models from all over the country to clinch the runners-up trophy in the Dabur Gulabari Sananda Tilottama Beauty Contest 2009. Besides anything else, I appreciate this young girl’s determination to pursue her passion despite all odds and I guess this is the very quality which has taken her this far. Confidence is the first thing that would strike you when you talk to her and I guess the youth of the region would do good by taking a leaf from her book.

I recently called up Shyashree to talk about Dabur Gulabari Sadananda Tillotama, her dreams and future plans. Following are excerpts:

Aiyushman: Firstly, tell me something about your experience in Dabur Gulabari Sadananda Tillotama…

Shyashri: It was great and I learned a lot! I got the opportunity to receive training under Noyonika Chatterjee who has guided celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Carol Gracias. To be groomed by such able hands was an experience in itself. Plus, the vigorous exercise regimen that VLCC made us undergo was also quite exhilarating.

Aiyushman: I hear you managed to steal a point for yourself during the question hour round. Can you tell me a bit more about it?

Shyashri: One of the questions which were asked to all the participants was: ‘If you were to select a jury member, who would it be?’ The audience was pretty impressed with my choices. While replying, I said I preferred my mother as a judge for I know she loves me and will always support me, no matter what. I then said that my second choice would be Noyonika Chatterjee because she had groomed me and was aware of my capabilities.

Aiyushman: Future plans?

Shyashri: I would like to try for the Gladrags model hunt.

Aiyushman: Who would you attribute your success to?

Shyashri: Well, I had to fight quite a lot to reach this point today. But yes, my mother’s support has remained constant throughout.

Aiyushman: Your height has been a major topic of discussion in quite a lot of places. Since you’re not very tall, how far do you see yourself in the field of modelling?

Shyashri: Height is of course a factor but I believe that if you are confident about your own abilities and are able to carry yourself well, I don’t see any reason why you cannot emerge successful. Height is important but it is not the only factor. I don’t know where life will take me but I want to see myself at the top. I want to see myself in hoardings, banners and television screens all over the country.

Aiyushman: I must say you’re quite confident!

Shyashri: (laughs) I am not only confident, I will do it.

Aiyushman: Any plans to enter the film industry?

Shyashri: Well, not until I complete my graduations. After that, who knows though I would love to! But not in Asom; somewhere else.



Profession: Student, presently pursuing her graduations with honours in English from DCB College, Jorhat

Schooling: Don Bosco School

Hobbies: Like listening to music, reading

Favourite books: Harry Potter and Archie comics

Favourite musical genre: Hard rock


About Aiyushman Dutta

Who am I? Yet to find the answer. For the time being, u can call me a writer, maybe a journalist and a music entrepreneur or an errand boy! Whatever suits your fancy!

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