Distinct Melodies

I recently got my hands on Sur Digantor – an album of modern songs sung by Dr. Diganta Goswami. Barring two of the fourteen songs in the compilation, all the songs have been composed by Diganta himself. Renowned lyricists like Kirti Kamal Bhuyan, Dr. Arup Sarma and others have written the lyrics of the album.

Basically, all the compositions are slow moving which makes it more appealing to a mature audience. All the songs have beautiful instrumental pieces interspersed among them, which makes it delightful listening. The album begins with the title song, Kebal Tumar Babe, which somehow didn’t go down too well with me. But the second song, Aajir ei Nixati, amply makes up for any misgivings. Diganta is married to classical sitarist Moitryee Goswami, and his wife’s influence in the album through her instrument can be felt in songs like Jabor Parote Bojali Bahi and Akalxariya Monehe Buje, two beautiful compositions. Besides, the entire album contains four delightful instrumental pieces. The music has been arranged by Abhijit Barman.

The only criticism I would like to make is that all the songs have very similar passages and formations. In this regard, Jabor Parote Bojali Bahi really stands out and this composition in particular, has elevated the album to an altogether different level.

I had talked about Dr. Diganta Goswami earlier in this weekly column. There is no dearth of capable singers in Assam, but what makes Diganta special is his deep passion for music. An avant-garde engineer by profession, Diganta chooses to play his hearts rendition only after performing his social and familial accountabilities. Being able to keep the spirit of music alive in one’s heart despite the numerous familial responsibilities is no mean task. Here’s wishing Diganta the very best and hope other aspiring singers and musicians can take a leaf out from his book.


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