Great music, Terrific chemistry


The live music scene can at best be said to be booming in the Northeast, especially in Guwahati, which is evident from the fact that some of the local rock outfits are making waves in the national circuit. Bands like Lucid Recess, Silver Tears, amongst others, have really nurtured and they are taking the entire country by storm at present. This augurs very well for the overall western music scenario of the city as their success is a major morale booster for the new and upcoming rock groups of the city.

One of the most promising acts to have come up in the city in recent times is Sunday Mourning. A garage rock band, the outfit owes its name to the simple fact that it was formed on Sunday, i.e. December 28 last year to be precise. A conglomeration of young and highly skilled musicians, the band plays a mixture of garage and alternative rock with elements of Post – Punk and Experimental Psychedelic thrown in between.

Sunday Mourning is Rishi on the vocals, Trinayan on guitars, Jugantor on guitars, Eshaan on Bass and Matt on drums. While Rishi and Eshaan are from Imphal in Manipur, the other three are from Guwahati itself. All the members of the bands have been part of the regional music scene for quite some time now. Rishi, who was part of several bands in Manipur and is totally influenced by British rock, has a solo Extended Play to his credit. Matt began his career as the lead vocalist of a Manipuri band called Black n White before he shifted to the drums and joined Sunday Mourning. Trinayan used to play with another local band Blood on My Beloved, Eshan was a member of Violent Edge and Jugantor is heavily influenced by grunge music.

Talking about their initial days, Jugantor says, “Sunday Mourning came into being primarily due to the desire of musicians practising different genres to bring alive the nu-age Rock n Roll scene, which is dormant in this part of the country. A number of musicians practicing different musical genres initially started jamming together until we found the perfect line-up in the five of us. The musical collaboration between us is awesome and so is the chemistry.” The chemistry between the members is what elevates the band to an altogether different level. While most members of other bands are found to be too busy concentrating on the technical aspects of their music, the members of Sunday Mourning have great stage presence, which when coupled with the strong chemistry between the members, makes one realise the influence music has on their lives.

The band is influenced by The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Kings Of Leon, Jet, Radiohead, Coldplay, Wolfmother, Athelete and Mystery Jet. A regular in almost all the jamming sessions and rock concerts in Guwahati in recent times, the band has already gathered a tremendous fan following. Less than a year old, the band has nurtured exponentially and the music prowess of these young bards seem to just get better with each passing day. The band has already performed as the headlining act in the Mark Knopfler Birthday celebrations, the Rockarolla pub rock fest, besides a few other shows.

Having seen the band perform from close quarters and also seen them improve at such a rapid pace, I am sure bright days await this band. At a time when Guwahati has virtually been bombarded by the din of extreme metal, their music too is treat to the years. I just hope they manage to stick it out long enough for them to register a point in the right circles. Here’s wishing them the very best!


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