After all, Art is but a poem

“I’ am an admiring listener
Of the music of falling leaves.
The golden songs, flowing deeper and deeper
Rippling my nerves.
The afternoon clinging to the long tresses of the monsoon storm
They are all dear to me.
Dusty, sandy, lonely moments”.
– Dr. Nilima Thakuria Haque

A poem, a lyrical narrative – this is what art means for acclaimed artist Aminul Haque. For this veteran artist who is very active in the cultural scenario of the state, rhythm is the chief component of art. He says, “Art is but, an expression of spontaneous feelings, like a poem, which possesses the power to move a person. Rhythm is the main component of art and the main objective of art should be its ability to move a person emotionally”. Haque recently held a solo exhibition of his paintings, ‘Visual Melody’, at the Gallery Artists Guild, Chandmari.
Around twenty five works of the artist were on display in the third week of February and the show managed to receive a lot of critical acclaim and applause. Christened Visual Melody, Haque has laid a lot of emphasis on the symbiotic relationship of man with nature and through this age-old association, the artist strives to bring out the importance of social relationships and humane traits like love, compassion, etc. And in his latest attempt to outline nostalgic feelings on canvas, Haque is conscious enough to steer away from vulgarity. Also on display, were some poems of Haque’s better half, Dr. Nilima Thakuria Haque. One could surmise that the poetry too was an extension of the underlying theme of the show – promote beauty and understand relationships. Take for example the following lines,
“On the secret currents
Of the forest river
You had rowed up
The tumbling waves of the river
Leap to the sky
Bump into rocks
And lose themselves
On the first page of spring’s autograph book
O boatman, your imprint
The Bohag afternoon turned into
A waterscape on the river’s bosom”

On his paintings, Haque states, “I feel that the composition and treatment of the works are very appealing. I want to portray the beauty of nature through my works and the main idea is to make it appealing in the eyes of the viewer”. At a time when abstract art predominates in the state, one can gather from the works displayed that the main objective of Haque is to bridge the gap between the audience and the creator. For an artist who has spent more than thirty five years of his life bringing colours to life on the canvas, Haque feels that art is his life’s calling. “It’s just the urge to paint. I have spent more than three and a half decades as a painter and though I dribbled in other creative fields, art is the only field which really appeals to me. I am alive today just because of art”.
A veteran artist, Haque does not have any tiresome ideas on the perfect audience for his works. “Basically, I paint for myself but I have to keep the tastes of the audience in mind while creating something new. It is important that you portray emotions which can be shared with the audience”, says the artist whose favourite colour is green. He says, “I use the green and violet colour extensively. I always keep the violet colour in mind while selecting other colours. I use a lot of the green colour so as to bring freshness and violet to bring out the emotions in the work”.
A self taught artist who held his first solo exhibition at Haji Musafir Khana in 1975, Haque feels that a lot of changes have come up in the art scene of the state in the in-between years. “Earlier there were very few artists and the art societies were just being formed in the state. The scene has changed drastically now and a lot of artists have come up who have the capability to make it big in the international arena. I can say that it is a very healthy development”.
‘Visual Melody’ can be best described as a breath of fresh air in the art scene of the state and one hopes that the said exhibition will manage to change the tide of abstract art, which has engulfed the entire art fraternity of the state.


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