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When one hears the words ‘Moonwind’, one automatically reflects towards purity. Purity is an outcome of purgation and music is a fiery instrument of negating one’s imperfections. An honest outpouring of one’s thoughts and feelings through music is a genuine approach of one’s arm towards purity. It was with this very aim that Moonwind came into existence; as for these bards purity is all there is to music.
Moonwind – the band – consists of Suman Dutta and Mrinmoyee Sarma, Rajib Hazarika, Gaurav Bania’s drum Rakesh Barua (Bass), Joshua Queah (Vocals and Rhythms) and Lyton Choudhury (Keyboard). Moonwind was basically formed in the late eighties at the initiative of talented musician Suman Dutta. An unfortunate void triggered by a couple of splits and the time lapse before the group rejoined once again ensured that Moonwind in its present morphs could be formed only in the early part of 1995.
For Moonwind however, the second innings started off with a bang once they established themselves in the club circuit of the north east. Based in Guwahati, the first major event was the IOCL Digboi Club Meet, where they shelled out requests one after another, ranging from R & B, Rock, Pop Rock, Ballads and Rock ‘n’ Roll to Reggae. There has been no looking back ever since and from club circuits and concerts to friendly gigs, the band has done it all. In its present impressive line-up of six members including a lady crooner, Moonwind has lived up to its expectation of being a ‘Living ‘n’ Breathing’ Rock and Roll band, no matter come what.
The band has played in all the major clubs and is a regular face in the club circuit of the region as well as the country. They have performed at IIT (Powai), IIT (Guwahati), Tollygunge Club (Kolkata), Dalhousie Institute (Kokata), Some Place Else (Hotel Park, Kolkata), Oil Tea Planters Club and much more recently at Dakshin Kolkata Sangh in Kolkata on 31st December 2007. The Band is special for they have had the courage of conviction to be a part of the United Nations Drug Control Program (UNDCP) Anti-Drug Campaign. At a time when Rock ‘n’ Roll is popular amongst the youngsters for all the wrong reasons, this act of theirs can be described as another outstretching towards the purity concept. The band has also played at the CM’s Campaign in Kohima, Nagaland at the behest of former Chief Minister of Nagaland S.C. Jamir.
Their debut album, ‘Colour My Life’ was a runaway hit and though it was not meant to be a commercial venture, the band managed to make inroads into the heart of the music loving people with their soulful music. Special mention should be made of Tuk-Tuk, a versatile lady singer who is known as a hard-core singer with stupendous grace and power in her voice. The richness of her voice is evident in most of the tracks of the album and she manages to add a somewhat artistic touch to the entire album, which plummets the album to a different league altogether. The other members are as good and one can gauge that their sound is a conglomeration of the efforts of each and every member in the band.
The twin cities of Guwahati and Shillong have always been a place haunted by the frustrations and ego play of musicians that has smashed their dreams. Smashed dreams are like fragmented glass that stabs the heart of those who dare to dream. Moonwind comprises of members who really want to show the people the realm of their dreams. Though ‘Colour My Life’ was a failed advertorial effort of a private company, it was a dream come true for Moonwind, being an outcome of the daring and honest artistic efforts of the members.
Moonwind has a long standing reputation of being a talented and good natured band and when it comes to entertaining in live shows, Moonwind has always been there with utmost professionalism and fresh sound all the time and every time.


About Aiyushman Dutta

Who am I? Yet to find the answer. For the time being, u can call me a writer, maybe a journalist and a music entrepreneur or an errand boy! Whatever suits your fancy!

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  1. I am delighted to read this article. I am a retired IOCian frm Baroda. I am a Harmonica player and a music and animal lover.
    Well-done guys keep it up. Wish you bst of luck in the new year 2010 and many more to come. May you guys reach sky kissing heights. Visit my following blogs: –

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    Thank you
    Have excellent time

    T D Joshi

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