NE poet, bands shortlisted in TFA Awards

The sixth TFA Awards in the field of creative writing, music and photography were recently announced. Two music bands from the Northeast were among the shortlisted entries and a poet from Assam also figured in the list.

The TFA Awards started in 2005 and cover three broad categories – music, creative writing and photography. The TFA’s first award for music recognises exceptionally talented bands and individuals making any kind of music, in any language, from rock to folk or metal to jazz. The only constraint is that applicants must be under 30 years of age, and their submissions must be original compositions. In 2008, the TFA had tied up with Counter Culture Records and the winner got a chance to record their full album at CCR studio. Previous winners of this award include Myndsnare (2005), Demonic Resurrection (2006), Lounge Piranha (2007) and Shefali Alvares (2008).

Rosemary from Mumbai was adjudged the winners of this year’s competition. This time around two bands from the Northeast – Dark Horizon and Lucid Recess – were among the shortlisted bands. Both bands are presently based in Guwahati and blazing across the national circuit, primarily on the strength of their originality and creative prowess. Lucid Recess frontman Siddharth Barooah said, “The TFA Awards are presently into its sixth year and pretty well respected all over. It was nice to see an independent jury taking due cognizance of your talents and being shortlisted among the five bands of the country.” The band’s second album is up for release next month.

The other shortlisted band from the Northeast, Dark Horizon, is riding on the immense popularity of its new album, Star, which is earning rave reviews all over. The new Alternative/ punk sensation in the country, the band is made up of a group of dedicated musicians who believe that there is no shortcut to success.

“All TFA awards are judged by external juries composed of leading practitioners of and experts in the particular arts. All submissions are sent to them anonymously, and TFA does not, in any way, influence their final decision. So far, the Music Award has been judged by Luke Kenny (VJ, Programming Head Channel V), Vishal Dadlani (Pentagram, Vishal-Shekhar), Jitin Abraham (Programming Head Vh1) and Arjun Sankalia (Sony BMG),” a source said.

Assam has another representation in the TFA awards – this time around in the field of creative writing. Anurag Rudra, a poet and a student of Cotton College, was among the shortlisted candidates this time. Significantly, he was the only poet to be shortlisted, the rest of them all being script-writers. The TFA has divided an award of Rs. 50,000 between 2 writers who are between 18 and 30 years old, and whose entries reflect something of this mysterious combination. The volume of entries has grown exponentially over the years, as has the diversity of styles and themes – from performance poetry to science fiction – explored in the submissions.

The sixth award-giving function was held at Alliance Francaise, Bangalore last week.


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