A night to Rock ‘n’ Roll

A couple of weeks back, I had mentioned about Thundermarch – the annual rock fest of NIT Silchar – as having great potential to emerge as a front-ranking rock festival of the region. This year’s edition i.e. Thundermarch 2010 indeed lived up those expectations as it rocked the hundreds of people who had gathered in the grounds that night. A number of prolific musicians had descended in Silchar for the show and the small town literally turned into a rock Mecca, what with the grand stage filled with an assortment of laser lights and the powerful sound equipment in place.

As the sky changed its hues with the colours of the evening, coloured laser lights took on the stage. It was around7’o clock when masses started pouring into the grounds one by one. Impulse – the college band of NIT Silchar – was the opening act.. They nailed ‘Guns and Roses’ to delightful perfection and kept the masses wanting for more with their covers from Green Day and Creed. Without doubt, these young guys set the mood for what was to follow later that evening!

Rampazze from Delhi was the first of the four guest bands scheduled to perform. Rampazze stuck to their bluesy roots while delivering their music in an edgier fashion. With their impressive, groovy and interesting riffs, wild stage histrionics, and their tongue-in-cheek lyrics they ripped the stage apart and blew off the crowd. Their original “cheap liquor…wicked hangover” was very popular amongst the gathered and reminded everybody of the good old days of rock and roll music! If that wasn’t enough, lead guitarist Abhishek Boro’s beautifully crafted solos every now and then kept the masses asking for more!

Next on stage was Afflatus – the all girl band from Shillong. A much awaited act of the evening, within minutes of their performance they took charge of the crowd. The mass started to grow and everybody started to sing along with them. They seemed to have had a mesmerizing effect on the crowd which had started to sway along with every move vocalist Grace made. They sang a number of their originals which included some of their best work like ‘Morse Code Woman’ and ‘Just Being Me’. They finally brought an end to their groovy act with their own version of ‘Killing in the Name of’, which the crowd enjoyed thoroughly.

The night had gained tremendous momentum by now. It was then that the legendary ‘Lou Majaw and friends’ took over the stage. What was to follow for the next hour was unbelievable. It’s a wonder as to how somebody of Lou’s age still manages to rock that hard! Truss climbing, cat clawed gestures, stage crawls, Lou had it all, perfectly done for the crowd who totally gave in to his histrionics. The greay-haired man – in his trademark shorts – had got the crowd totally in grasp. ’Rose in the garden’ did wonders with the mass. Beside his power stands, he jumped into the crowd twice! Good music and moments just kept flowing.

Following Lou wasn’t an easy thing. But metal act Dream Diabolic from Sikkim braved the odds against them. It was time for all the head bangers to let their hair down and the devil horns to raise in air! Testament kicked off the show with a scorching set of tunes that caught the attention right away. The front-man Rahul’s voice was exemplary and he was hitting all the notes without much effort. His skills as front man were dead-on and he worked the crowd with style.

All in all it was a moment to remember. The stars had worked out just right. Everybody seemed to have had their devils in peace. It was a night! A night dedicated to music.


About Aiyushman Dutta

Who am I? Yet to find the answer. For the time being, u can call me a writer, maybe a journalist and a music entrepreneur or an errand boy! Whatever suits your fancy!

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