Exploring human relationships

A solo exhibition of the Drawing and Graphic prints of Indrani Deka was recently staged at the Stage Art Gallery. Indrani is a young artist of the state who likes to work extensively on human relationships and through her works, attempt to portray everyday scenes of contemporary society. Despite having participated in a lot of group exhibitions before, this was the first time that she held her own solo exhibition.

Unlike a lot of other young artists who get highly influenced by working in group exhibitions, Indrani’s themes are simple and she does not have any tiresome theories for the viewer to comprehend. Focusing a lot on women in contemporary society, her works speak about relationships and day to day struggles in the life of man. “My paintings are basically enumerations of how I have faced life. My paintings are just my state of mind at that time”, says the artist. Despite being very target oriented, her paintings have very strong yet simple thematic concerns and the treatment of her works is appreciable.

Indrani’s brush with the easel and the canvas occurred right from her infancy and as she says, “I have been drawing and painting since I was in the first standard in school”. She has received inspiration and guidance from stalwarts like Dilip Tamuly and Jebin Ghosh Dastidar. Indrani had earlier won the silver medal at the sixth edition of the National Art Competition, Varanika 2007, held at Manav Sanket Academy, Ujjain besides being commended in the North East States Exhibition of Art 2007 at Shrimanta Shankardev Kalakshetra.

Though her works are bound to get more matured with time, her conception and treatment of her themes needs commendation. A student of the Government College of Art and Craft, Guwahati, she is the daughter of Haranath Deka and Anima Deka. Here’s wishing Indrani all the best in her artistic pursuits.


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