Garo rock band believes in power of music

One of the most successful bands to have come out from the Northeast in recent times is Northwind – a hardrock band from Tura. Formed by a group of friends in the Garo Hills to practice their love for music, Northwind had grown exponentially since then, a result of dedicated practice and dedication of the band members towards their music. With more than 30 Original Compositions (OC’s) in Garo and English and a live album to their credit, the band dedicates their journey to the power of music. As a member says, “It’s the power of music that has carried us so far. It’s part of our life and not a single day has gone without it.”

The present line-up of Northwind reads something like this: Reynold Sangma (vocals), Dolrich Marak (Bass), Tete Momim (Guitars), Britto Marak (Drums), and Dipu Marak – one of the binding forces of the band who acts as the manager and sound engineer. I recently had a discussion with Dipu on the live music scene of the Northeast and we got around talking about Northwind. Following are excerpts:

AD: When the band was formed?

Dipu: Northwind was formed at Tura in the year 2002 when me, my brother and some other friends for around to practice our mutual love for music. We all enjoyed our music and Jamming together. Thus, Northwind was born.

AD: Tell me about your album.

Dipu: We had recorded eight Garo songs for our first album, Gangbo Nokma. Besides, we have more than 30 Original Compositions in Garo and English. Two of our compositions have also been featured in The Northeast Today’s Great Eastern Rock Cd Vol 1 and 2.

AD: Where has the band performed till now?

Dipu: We have been performing in a number of prestigious venues in the region. We performed thrice in the Shillong Autumn Fest in Umiam, Hornbill National Rock Contest, Rock-O-Phonix (Alcheringa) at IIT Guwahati, the Guiness World Record Guitar Ensemble at Shillong, the Tsunami aid concert at Tura besides performing many times for DDK, Tura and during the DDK Golden Jubilee celebrations in Tura. We also created history by becoming the first band from Garo Hills to open for the Mr. Big Reunion concert in Shillong.

AD: How would you rate the rise of Northwind?

Dipu: The rise of the band has been phenomenal, as we have been loved by the public. Though we could not win anything as a band, our members have gone on to win individual prizes. Jeetu Marak was awarded the Best Bass Guitarist at Hornbill National Rock Contest 2007 and Dolrich Marak was awarded the Best Lead Guitarist at Rock-O-Phonix Alcheringa at IIT Gwahati 2008.

AD: The music scene of the region has undergone a massive shift in recent times. What are your comments?

Dipu: The music scene here is improving with many capable, talented and promising young bands are coming up almost every week. We were earlier able to count the number of bands in Manipur, Nagaland and Meghalaya on our fingertips, something which is no longer possible. The quality of music has also gone through a massive overhaul in the past decade with the availability of good quality guitars, drums, effects processors and accessories. But even today, it is really very difficult to practice as we do not have proper rehearsal rooms and practice studios. Since we practice in a residential area, there are times when we have to rehearse and somebody in the locality is having exams and sometimes somebody is sick or something…


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