Lucknow wakes up to sound of Dhul, Pepa and Gagona

The Assam Association in Lucknow celebrated Rangoli Bihu at Dilkusha Garden, Lucknow Cantt late last month. The event proved to be a highly memorable get-together of about 300 people of the Assamese community, primarily the families of defence personnel.

The cultural function was inaugurated by the chief guest of the evening, Dr Mishra, the Dean of SGPGI, Lucknow. Inaugurating the event, he gave a thoughtful talk on culture and festivals of the country, with particular reference to the festivals of Assam and its significance in contemporary age.

The evening kicked off with a mellifluous rendering of ‘Oh Mor Asommee Ai’, which was joined by all those present there. The sound of the Dhol, Tal and Pepa soon reverberated across the entire Dilkhusa garden as the people danced to the tune of Bihu songs in the function held in the open air under a Banyan tree.

Among the performing arties, mention should be made of Bipin and Sunita Rabha, Tridibjyoti Goswami and Diganta Saikia and their party, who mesmerized the audience with their Bihu songs. Children and women dances troupes were awarded with prizes by Jayanti Kalia. A grand feast was organized in the afternoon with delicious fish dishes as part of the Bihu celebrations.

The evening truly proved to be a memorable get-together for the Assamese community there and enabled them to relive the spirit of Bihu in a far-off land. The evening ended with a lot of goodwill and the people promising to come together again the next year.

The Lucknow Assame Association has been celebrating Bihu in Lucknow in grand scale for the last many years.


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  1. Ranjita Baruah(Singh)

    aibar 2012 or bihu sanmilon Lucknowt ketia hobo?

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