Shooting of ‘Pole Pole Ure Mon’ starts

After the successful production of last year’s hit Assamese film, ‘Jibon Bator Logori’, Hills Motion Picture Association started its second Assamese Film – ‘Pole Pole Ure Mon’ (Wings of Ecstasy) at the campus of the Auniati Xatra in North Guwahati on April 30 last.

The meet was attended by several artists, and a number of technicians and members of the public also participated in the same. Noted actors Nipon Goswami and Dinesh Das, classical dancer Ram Krishna Talukder and Journalist Rezek Ali Ahmed were present in the meeting as guests of honour. Noted actors Moloya Goswami, Arun Nath, Tarun Arora and Pabitra Margherita participated in the various ceremonial activities associated with the film mahurat.

The film will be directed by Timothy Das Hanse. The acting crew of the film has an impressive line-up, including the likes of Nipon Goswami, Arun Nath, Dinesh Das, Arun Hazarika, Moloya Goswami, Beauty Barua, Madhurima Choudhury, Saurov Hazarika, Rag Oinitom, Ravi Sarma, Tarun Arora, Arup Bora, Gayatri Mahanta, Rimpi Das, Shyamantika Sharma, Parineeta, Jupitara Bhuyan, Hiranya Deka, Jeet Sharma, Asthajita, Mowsam Hazarika, Bishnu Kharghoriya, Pabitro Margherita, Raja Murad, Shoma Anand, amongst others. While noted cinematographer Shivanan Barua has been roped in for the project, popular singers like Adnan Sami, Zubeen Garg, Parineeta, Subashana Dutta, etc will be providing the music for the film.


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  1. seems timothy das hanse hasn’t excluded any of the axomiya actors for enacting in this film.the success of ‘Jibon Bator Logori” has not only boosted him up but also brought smile&hope for others related to the industry.just wishing Hanse good luck for his project & as his wellwisher just hope him to overcome the flaws of his last project(Jibon…..

  2. anup kumar deka

    i wish the director all the very best for his film ‘pole pole ure mon’; just hoping that it ushers in a new era in Assamese cinema.

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