DIGITAL SUICIDE: Making a point

Digital Suicide is a three piece Guwahati-based rock outfit that is presently creating waves as one of the leading acts of the region and the country. The band’s USP lies in equal participation by all the band members, each of whom have a natural flair for making music, to create the trademark DS sound.

Their music has been inspired by the works of RD Barman, Bappi Lahiri, Classical Music, bands like RHCP, Placebo, Joy Division, R.E.M., Sonic Youth, Lady Gaga, MJ, Radiohead, etc. The band has proved their critics wrong and continue to play their brand of contemporary alternative music constantly creating positive energy in and around them. They have just released an EP of five songs for which the band is experiencing a rapid growth of their fan base.

The journey can be said to have had its beginning in 2009 when contemporary songwriter, guitarist and singer Daniel Langhtasa, bassist and backing vocalist Dpak Borah and percussionist Ratan Bordoloi got together as a band and began questioning the self-destructive nature of a confused and chaotic world.

Hailing from Haflong, a small town in North-east India, which is cut away from the rest of the world due to the absence of any proper mode of communication and where lives have been torn apart by constant strife and violence, the members of the band were filled with frustration. The saddest part was that there was no outlet for their frustrations, until music came along. As Daniel says, “We resolutely locked ourselves in a world of our own and remained in the room for about 6 months, trying to understand the gravity of the relation between each of us, our music and the rest of the world. Music was no longer just a passion, it had became our sole mode of expression.”

With the hunger to play their music to people everywhere, the band shifted base to Guwahati city. But their dreams of finding an audience to play to in Guwahati also met with rejection as there were not enough concerts for rock band. “In the absence of a vibrant music scene, we started sharing our songs online and took part in active discussions and debates in online forums,” says Dpak Borah.

Some of the band’s prominent gigs in the recent past include the finals of the Campus Rock Idols in Hyderabad last year, Rock4Life show in Shillong last year, Sifung Rock show in Jorhat in January this year, National Youth festival in Bhubaneshwar, Fireball, amongst others.

The band is presently working on one of their dream projects called 3rd World Superstar Tour, which will start with a few venues in the Northeast. Daniel says, “We will soon start posting updates on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter pages. Do catch them at a gig near wherever you stay!


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