Jamming in the city

Music lovers of Guwahati recently had the chance to be part of a highly interactive jamming session with some of the most well-known musicians of the region. I am talking about the jamming session organized as part of the inaugural launch ceremony of the DJ School of music in Rajgarh area of the city. The music school has been started by singer-guitarist Dhruva Sharma, who was the frontman of Friends – the oldest rock group of the State.

Some of the most prominent musicians of Guwahti and Shillong were in town last Saturday to be part of the official opening ceremony. The guest singers list included Khasi singer-guitarist Lou Majaw, Rudy Wallang and Tipriti of Soulmate, veteran Assamese guitarist Utpal Barsaikia, JP Das, Keith Wallang, amongst others.

While Guwahati has always been home to some prolific musicians who are doing very well in their professional careers, the lack of proper music schools have often proved to be a major hindrance for aspiring music students who are often found to lack a proper foundation. As such, a music school which has an experienced western classical music faculty is reason enough for good cheer. The faculty of the DJ school of music has musicians like Bredner Momin (piano), Madhurjya Bordoloi (guitars), Nomoni (drums), Ambar Das (drums) and Proma (piano).

Following a simple ceremony where all the musicians were felicitated with gamosas and japis, the guest musicians got down to do what they do best – jam together, of course! – much to the delight of all those present that day. While Rudy and Tips showed those present their musical acumen which has taken their band places all over the world, JP Das and Lou Majaw proved that despite their age they are still going strong. With his deep baritone and the occasional nasal twinge, Lou was at his characteristics best that day.

A host of musicians and music lovers of the city had descended at the Rajgarh area to be part of the opening ceremony and it was a sheer trip down memory lane for most of them present.


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