Underground rock fest draws huge crowds

The first tour of Unseen Underground to East India lived up to its promise as it rocked the cities of Kolkata, Guwahati and Shillong. Having gathered a lot of fan support down in the South, rock lovers in East India were busy waiting for Unseen Underground to come to the region. Unseen Underground had basically been conceived to promote and develop unknown rock bands of the country.

The East India leg of the tour kicked off in Kolkata on August 17 which had been witnessing sporadic rainfall for the past few days. But even the rain gods decided to take break that day and the show started as schedule at Virgose Hotel Hindustan International. The first band to perform that day was the Underground Authority, a Kolkata-based alternative rock band. The next act of the evening was Cynical Recess, a 5-piece talented melodic hard rock band from Kolkata. Their originals Chains, Goodbye Sunday were instant hits among the audience, while their covers of Skid Row’s I remember you left everyone asking for more, informed Nicky of Unseen Underground.

Kolkota’s very own Metalcore band Chronic Xorm was next on stage. They have been in the news because of their recently released EP Death, Destruction and Sermon and there was a lot of crowd support for them. The next band on stage was Lucid Recess, an alternative Rock and Metal trio from Guwahati. They started with their tracks from their recently released album Engraved Invitation and Kolkata’s rock crowd went gaga over their performance. Then there was Chronic Phobia, an Experimental Metal band, who had come all the way from Mumbai but could not perform due to some technical problems, said Nicky and added, “Nevertheless, their fans got were able to watch the band performing next day in a show, which was organized exclusively for Chronic Phobia at The Basement, alongside Underground Authority. Overall the Unseen Underground’s 1st visit to Kolkata was successful and many of the fans are looking forward to have them in the city again soon.”

The second leg of the tour was in Guwahati. The show kicked off at Silver Streak with a performance by Guwahati-based Death/ Thrash metal band Hammerhead. The next band on the stage was Guwahati’s most popular Lucid Recess. Like it did in Kolkata, the professional and musical skills of the band changed the entire environment in and around the stage. They kicked off the show with songs from their second album, Engraved Invitation, which has become one of the most popular Indian rock albums of the country.

The second band up was Dwar, a progressive melodic metal band from Shillong, which provided the Guwahati crowd with some wonderful guitar licks, bass licks, some splendid vocals with powerful drum grooves. Their originals The Beginning To an End, Never Again & By Your Side were an instant favourite among the crowd. The Last band of the night was Insane Prophecy, a Black Metal band from the city.

The Shillong leg of the show saw a much smaller audience than in Guwahati. Held in Tango, there was not much room for metal heads there and Demonic Ressurection was just enough lucky to get their buzz. But the crowd that had gathered was energetic and most of them were from the music fraternity. The show kicked off with a performance by Shillong-based band Pip of the Pip Of The Fourth Mother followed by Lucid Recess.


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