Assam to host first national rock competition this November

Karbi Anglong is gearing up to host Assam’s first national rock competition this November. The 2nd Karbi Anglong Beats Contest, which will be held on a national level this year, is part of the 3-day traditional Rongtheang festival of Karbi Anglong. The festival is presently into its eight year.

The Karbi Anglong Beats Contest is the newest addition to the Rongtheang fest. Conceptualized and planned by the Eastern Beats Music Society, the first edition of the beats contest was organized in October last year on the last day of the Rongtheang fest. The Karbi Anglong Beats Contest was held in the memory of the victims of the October 30, 2008 serial blasts in Guwahati, Assam. The event saw musicians from Guwahati, NC Hills, Dimapur and Karbi Anglong collaborate together and portray the healing power of music. The winner of the competition was awarded with prize money of Rs. 10,000/- sponsored by Maharaja Pradyot Manikya Debburman, the King of Tripura. The contest was a tremendous success, recording footfall of more than 10,000 + people. Given the fact that this was possibly the first instance in entire India, where a rock contest was held for musicians and bands in remote villages, this is definitely a noteworthy event.

Eastern Beats Music Society sources informed that the beats contest will be held on a national-level this year. Joint Secretary Peter Alex Todd said that eight bands from the eastern part of the country will be selected by a jury that will comprise of some pioneering musicians of Northeast India. The selected bands will battle it out for the winners’ title and Rs. 50,000 in prize money, a recording deal and other gifts.

Talking about the selection process, Joint Secretary David Koch said that bands have to send their compositions to the society. “Bands can send in their demos to The word about the festival is spreading fast and we have already started receiving a lot of entries from bands outside the region,” he said.

The basic objective behind organizing the contest is to provide a conducive environment for the growth of new ideas amongst the youth of the region. “We want to harness the immense potentialities of the youth. Accordingly, the theme for the Karbi Anglong Beats Contest 2010 has been kept as ‘Youth for Pace and Positive Development,” says Todd.

The Rongtheang Festival is a traditional festival of the people of Karbi Anglong which is into its eighth year now. Originally conceived as a festival to foster the spirit of bonding and brotherhood amongst the people of the district and to provide a platform for the young talents of the new generation, the Rongtheang fest has been helping channelize the frustrations and unspent energy of the youth in a positive direction. By introducing the people with the immense power and healing force of music and other art forms, the festival has been playing a major role in guiding the youth towards inculcating a healthy and positive lifestyle. In recent years, the festival’s influence and popularity has spilled over from Karbi Anglong to embrace a much wider spectrum with more and more artistes, musicians and youngsters from the rest of the North-east taking a keen interest in the festival. The festival now has a regular stream of visitors from places like NC Hills, Jorhat, Guwahati, Nagaland and other areas who come here to get acquainted with the rich culture and traditions of the Karbis.


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  1. hello!!!!! i m from the band aces (assam) and wanted to know to know about the conditions to participate in this concert……. and also the date and place where it is to be held……..

  2. hii…i am from the band FLAMBERGE(Guwahati,assam)..our band is very eager to be a part of this wonderful would be very helpful if u all provide us the details we are required to know to take part in this event..thank u..

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