Engraved Invitation: Stunning riffs, memorable hooks

Lucid Recess recently launched its second album, Engraved Invitation, at a simple launch ceremony in Guwahati. But the album, which has been released under the LR Records label, is earning rave reviews all across the globe. Besides being testimony to the musical prowess of the band, the excellent recording quality, packaging and marketing of Engraved Invitation has come as a huge boost to the independent music industry of Northeast India, where the professional touch has been long felt.

An alternative metal band, Lucid Recess is made up of brothers Siddharth and Amitabh Baroaah and drummer Partha Boro. The band was formed in the year 2004. The band member’s professionalism and attention to the smallest details, when coupled with their desire towards improvisation and self-improvement, have led to their emergence as one of the most loved alternative rock bands of the country. The band released their first seven-song EP, Carved, in 2007 and the same was widely circulated all over the country.

Engraved Collection is a collection of twelve songs – all penned and composed by the brothers. Despite the varied influences that are reflected in all the songs, the album is held together by a powerful vocal performance. My favourite track in the album, however, would be the track, Calling, which has a beautiful piano intro. This album is a must for all lovers of alternative rock.


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