Northeast Indian Rock at its best

If you are among those who feel that the good old days of rock and roll are no more, with the overall scene shifting more towards metal and other genres, you better think again. In what can best be described as a long awaited gift for rockers and the lovers of rock in the country alike, TNT Records recently brought out the third volume of its Great Eastern Rock audio series. And while the production quality of this compilation has increased manifold since its first volume, the line-up of artistes in the compilation is another reason for fans of rock n roll to cheer!

Having personally watched The Great Eastern Rock being conceptualised and take shape right before my eyes a year back, as I sit with the third volume of this audio series in my hands today I can but only marvel at the perseverance and dedication of the guys at TNT. After all, who else will go out of their way into an unknown territory, without sparing any thought for the business angle, to promote the rock bands and artistes of the region? Very few, if not any. But that is exactly what TNT, led by its chief Pradyot Manikya Deb Burman, has successfully accomplished. And while there are many who I remember first ridiculed his decision, I would today go on record to say that as long as there are promoters like him around, rock and roll can never die. At least in the Northeast, that is!

Besides being the last surviving descendents of one of the oldest living dynasties of the world, King Pradyot also dons another crown – that of a rock and roll promoter. As far as my memory goes, no other dynastic ruler in the country and in this part of the world has promoted rock musicians and artistes the manner in which he has.

Talking about the Great Eastern Rock Vol 3, he says, “The series was inspired when I first got hold of a compilation cassette in the 90s. I was so inspired that I remember installing a car stereo in my Fiat just so that I could listen to these rocking souls throughout the day. But over the years, I have personally seen the platform for local artistes diminishing. It appears that if you do not have the “right contacts” the rock industry deserts you. When we first started, many proclaimed that we were on our way to disaster. But nothing gives me more satisfaction to say that today the third volume in this series is being distributed all over the country and people in places like Delhi and Bangalore being able to listen to our bands.” Talk about “rock and roll” seeing one through.

Moving on to the album now. Some of the best bands of Northeast India, a few lesser known artistes and a few hitherto unknown musicians and bands – that is the third volume of Great Eastern Rock for you. For me personally, it was a revelation in itself to hear splendidly recorded tracks by rock and roll bands from totally unexpected places like Bodoland and Agartala! I’m sure that their very inclusion in this compilation will prove to be a big morale booster for these bands and encourage them to tread greater heights; something which all artistes, irrespective of the art form, desperately require.

The compilation lives up to its slogan, ‘Rock and Roll never dies’, throughout all the tracks. The pace for the same is set right from the first track itself; the album begins with Mizo band Magdalene’s hit track, Place of an angel, which is characteristic of the rock and roll sound of the 80s. It is followed by the Lwihir Project from Bodoland with the track, Jwngni Bodoland, which was surprisingly pleasant listening. Hornbill National Rock contest 2010 winner OFF, Divine Connection, Melodrama, Girish Pradhan and the Chronicles, The Scavenger Project, Eye to Eye, Lucid Recess, Prayag are some of the established bands whose tracks have been included in the compilation. The album also features lesser known bands like Dabanol, Phoenix, Trini D, Myst, The Lost Tribe, Twijlang, amongst others.

All in all, this album made my day. Am sure it will make yours too!


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Who am I? Yet to find the answer. For the time being, u can call me a writer, maybe a journalist and a music entrepreneur or an errand boy! Whatever suits your fancy!

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  1. Hi Aiyushman.. Ya it was a gr8 compilation..n as U said from unexpected places..he he.. I really loved listening to Jwngni Bodoland, Ranigita and Na a Nitoa among the slow rocks.. Place Of An Angel by Magdalene is gr8 with some modifications made from their 1st recording. And among the Metal, We listened to The Scavenger Project and Melodrama.. Visit our Reverbnation page.. thanx4 supporting Us..

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