Third album of Howey music released

Popular Naga rock band Abiogenesis recently released its third album of Howey music, Slice of Heaven, with ten new tracks. The album, which has been recorded at SoulSpeak Studios, has been released through APH Records and it’s collaborating international Music Labels and marketing companies like Create Space, CD Baby, Amazon, Apple itunes, Napsters, Equal Dreams, Songstall, etc.

With their previous two albums having received a lot of acclaim, Abiogenesis had gone all out to promote their album worldwide this time. Slice of Heaven is being promoted by the band’s representatives like Big Noise in USA and Night Owl Management in Sweden. “Big Noise is an award-winning Independent A&R Firm specializing in Artist Development and Music Promotion & Publicity,” said Moa Subong, frontman of the outfit.

Slice of Heaven has Arenla on vocals and bamhum, Moa on Guitar, Bamhum and Harmonca, Imli on Drums, Larry on Bass and Daniel on Lead Guitar and Jews Harp – a line-up that the band has been maintaining consistently for quite some time now. But unlike Abiogenesis’s previous two albums, Slice of Heaven deviates from the melodic rock sound that had somewhat become the trademark sound of the outfit. Though the new album is also rock-based, a lot of experimentation can be noticed that goes on to give a new genre bending aspect to their sound.

Abiogenesis, formed by Moa Subong and his wife Arenla in 1992, is a five-piece experimental rock outfit from Nagaland , which has created an entirely new world genre of culturally identifiable music by distinctively mixing traditional, folk and rustic elements with contemporary sounds. Their efforts towards the fusion of Naga folk with Western rock is called Howey music, which is defined by its shrill wails. And to aid them in establishing Howey music is the bamhum – a wind instrument made of bamboo. The band has been a lot in the news in the recent past, primarily because of two of its albums of Howey music having being listed for the Grammy awards for two consecutive years – a feat of sorts for any musical group from the Northeast.


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  1. Wow! It’s good to see a north east band being creative to the fore!! Where can we get the album? Will the band perform in Shillong?
    Cheers to Abiogenesis, you guys rock!!!!

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