Summertime Delight

Guwahatians, who are generally accustomed to frequent doses of heavy rock, were in for a welcome change recently; musically speaking, that is!
The reason was a live performance of litterateur and progressive jazz artist Amit Choudhury’s band, This is Not Fusion. And in case the music got too ‘heavy’, (musically that is!) for the rock-loving Guwahatians, Kolkata-based club band Hip Pocket were also invited to perform the same evening.

A prominent literary figure of the country and in Britain, Amit Choudhury, who is also trained in the North Indian Classical tradition, is acclaimed globally for his experimental project, This is Not Fusion. With two albums to his credit, his project was born as a result of his desire to explore further into the intermingling of Indian and western music traditions. Having performed all over Europe, Amit also has the distinction of performing at the London Jazz festival, the Brecon Jazz festival, amongst others. The Guwahati concert, held in the tennis lawns of India Club, saw Amit Choudhury performing a set of his most well-known numbers, including his prized take on George Gershwin’s Summertime.

But when it comes to the Northeast, nothing can delight the audience the way rock can. And so it happened when Hip Pocket, led by the veteran Nondon Bagchi, took on the stage. With a new vocalist, their music didn’t quite meet up to the expectations one has from a band which has been around for so long. That, however, didn’t have much of an effect on the enthusiasm of the audience; some of whom were soon seen shaking their hips in sync with Hip Pocket!


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