India to get first experimental music museum

The country’s tryst with music is getting deeper with each passing day. India is now all set to get its own museum dedicated entirely to experimental music – the Indian Music Experience or IME. The museum has been conceptualised as a not-for-profit initiative of the Brigade Millennium Welfare Trust.

World music writer Madanmohan Rao, who has been striving to promote World Music, has been appointed a research director in the museum. Talking about the project, a museum source said, “This is the beginning of a fascinating journey—a journey that will culminate in the birth of the Indian Music Experience. In 2012, get ready to experience a transformation in the way you experience music. This Indian Music Experience will bring music much closer to you.”

You may be wondering what the IME will be. While a traditional ‘collection based’ museum encapsulates the idea that the soul of a museum is its collection and therein lies its identity, an experiential museum represents the idea that the visitor is central, and the museum’s function is that of a catalyst in an intensely personal and transformational experience.

IME—India’s first experiential music museum—will be dedicated to showcasing India’s rich music culture. The IME will feature multimedia galleries, performance and learning spaces, and interactive exhibits. This unique museum intends to encourage a rediscovery of various genres of Indian music, from the traditional to the contemporary.

Located within the Brigade Millennium enclave, this space will be a blend of inspiring architecture and aesthetic design, enhancing the overall experience. An architecture design competition was the first step in this exciting journey when a team of judges selected the design submissions for the contest. The awards ceremony was preceded by a music concert by the Pandit Prakash Sontakke Ensemble.


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