Capturing the flight to eternity

Conflicting human emotions vis-a-vis infinity of space mark Ulup’s new series

A preview of the recent works of well-known Assamese artist Debananda Ulup to be exhibited in New Delhi next month is currently underway in the Guwahati Artists Guild. The preview exhibition, which has around 25 of the artist’s works on display, was inaugurated last Thursday, with human relationships vis-a-vis space being the recurrent theme in most of the artworks.

The artist’s new approach is markedly different from his previous concepts till now. Elaborating on the reasons for this new approach towards art, Debananda says, “Eternity, the horizon, the complex and conflicting human emotions within oneself and in trans-personal relationships, all these stimulates me to wonder about the space around me, the space which is all engulfing and infinite in all possible dimensions.”

The complex nature of human relationships when compared with the complexity of space is an area which the artist wants to focus in. As he says, “When compared to the vastness of eternity the human being is a cluster that makes for just a tiny tot. But the hopes, aspirations, expectations, desires, dreams and wishes of humans travels and transcends far beyond the eternity. Human emotions transcends beyond understanding, at times, many a times, and, most of the times.”
The drive of human beings to achieve material and small-term gains depresses the artist no end and the delusion of human beings of being able to defeat time reflects in his new works. He adds, “We define humans as a species endowed with the abilities to be rational, logical, and compassionate and having a sense of purpose. But we act to the contrary. We make futile, pointless, baseless and senseless attempts to hanker after materialistic things which have no end value. Time can penetrate and travel through the strongest of the walls, we can’t. But we tend to believe that we can, we live in the delusion that we can defeat time or race ahead of it. It amazes me when we keep running after the delusional oasis throughout life. We delude.”


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