Shillong Chamber Choir releases Christmas album

Following its high run all over the country after their win in the India’s got talent reality show on television, the Shillong Chamber Choir is presently blazing across the international circuit with concerts lined up in places like Malaysia, etc. The choir had recently performed for US president Barack Obama.

More recently, the group released its debut collection of Christmas songs. Leader of Opposition, Conrad K Sangma, released the album. Speaking at the occasion, Sangma said: “As a citizen of Meghalaya, I feel extremely proud and happy to be associated with SCC. I think the way SCC has come up in recent months speaks about itself.” Choir member Damon M Lyndem told reporters in Shillong that they will gift the album to Barack Obama.

Citing an example about the extent to which SCC has promoted Meghalaya, Sangma said that when he was recently in Kolkata for a conference, he introduced himself from Shillong to which other members said: “Oh, you’re from Shillong! That’s the home of SCC!” Apprising of SCC’s stint in India’s Got Talent–2, Sangma said that his friends from Mumbai, who are members of parliament, told him that seeing the choir win the talent show made them feel like they had won an election. “I also share a similar passion for the SCC,” he said.

The Christmas album has been produced by choir member Damon Melam Lyndem. Lyndem, spokesperson of SCC, apprised those present on the journey of the SCC since the year 2001. He also reminded of the vision of the SCC – to start a home school for underprivileged children. Meanwhile, elder sister of choir’s conductor and mentor of SCC, Neil Nongkynrih, Pauline Warjri, said that music was the only language that connected everybody.

The music album is priced at Rs. 249 and will be available at all major shops in the city. The album will also be launched in New Delhi and Mumbai at a later date.The choir is currently in New Delhi, except for Damon, who is preparing for a corporate show in Malaysia by Mahindra.


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