Arenla nominated for Jack Daniels Award

Guru Arenla Subong, lead vocalist of Abiogenesis, has been nominated for the prestigious Jack Daniel Awards in the Best Female Vocalist category. The awards will be formally announced on January 20 at Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai.
Talking about the nomination, Abiogenesis frontman Moa Subong said, “We are really happy at Arenla’s nomination. We are a hard working band and when our goals are achieved or recognition comes our way, it gives us a sense of satisfaction and pride too. We are also pleased to let you know that our 3rd album Slice of Heaven was listed for nominations in the 53rd Grammy Awards in 3 categories.”

Slice of Heaven is Abiogenesis’s third album. The album, which has been recorded at SoulSpeak Studios, has been released through APH Records and it’s collaborating international Music Labels and marketing companies like Create Space, CD Baby, Amazon, Apple itunes, Napsters, Equal Dreams, Songstall, etc. Slice of Heaven has Arenla on vocals and bamhum, Moa on Guitar, Bamhum and Harmonca, Imli on Drums, Larry on Bass and Daniel on Lead Guitar and Jews Harp – a line-up that the band has been maintaining consistently for quite some time now.

But unlike Abiogenesis’s previous two albums, Slice of Heaven deviates from the melodic rock sound that had somewhat become the trademark sound of the outfit. Though the new album is also rock-based, a lot of experimentation can be noticed that goes on to give a new genre bending aspect to their sound.

Talking about the huge response of people from the country to their brand of Howey music, Moa said, “We want Abiogenesis’ Howey Music and Bamhum to be recognised and known worldwide. We would want to play as many a gigs as we can around the globe. There are plans for Abiogenesis to perform in USA and Canada and hopefully other European countries this year. Recording of a new album is also on the offing.”


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