NRL quiz reaches its grand finale on January 19

The internet encyclopaedia ‘Wikipedia’ has an interesting observation about the Quizzing scene in India. It says “(Quizzing in India) is quite popular, and has developed its own, unique flavour. Quizzing in India is different from American and British quizzing in that it is diverse, with different genres catering to different geographical regions, age groups, interests, etc.” Is it interesting? In India the quiz interests changes from place, it is this elements that keeps the scene really interesting.

After States like West Bengal, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, one of the hottest zones for quizzing in the country is Assam – a State which has given stiff competition to all the other regions vying to win the crown of hosting the best quizzing talents of the country. The spirit of quizzing continues to live on with the organisers with quizzes not only remaining a feature of college or university festivals in this region.

But to take the quizzing scene to all new high, Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL) is now taking the mammoth task to popularise the spirit of quizzing in Assam through its CSR initiative. The NRL quiz is being organized in eight zones covering all the districts of the State. Twenty-four teams from the zones will now compete in the finals to be held at Pragjyoti ITA Centre for Arts on January 19. Besides other attractive perks, the winner will receive a prize money of Rupees Five lakh – the highest ever for an inter-institutional quizzing event in the country.

NRL Corporate Communications Manager Madhuchanda Adhikari said, “The idea underlining the inception of NRL Quiz is not only a CSR activity but also to promote knowledge, the habits of reading, among the youth and to provide a platform for the quizzers. The quiz has prizes not only for the participants but for all those who come and perform in the event. It is an effort to merge fun with knowledge.”

NRL was established in 1993 as the outcome of the Assam Accord. While the primary function of NRL is to utilize the abundant hydrocarbon resources of the State, the socio-economic welfare of the region is imbedded as an integral part of its corporate philosophy and organizational culture. Adhikari further said, “The company sees education as one of the primary focus areas of the NRL’s CSR policy for the long term development of the State. With programmes like Gyandeep, Prerona and Dronacharya Awards, we have been working at the grassroots level but we now want to extend our ambit throughout the entire State with the NRL quiz.”

“The idea of amalgamating corporate social responsibility and education by NRL is indeed laudable. The Company will definitely make a difference by focusing on the long term development of the State,” said Barry O’Brien, one of the best stage presenters in the country, who is conducting the grand finale of the NRL Quiz.

So be there in ITA this Wednesday where the best of quizzing awaits you!


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