Kalpana blazing across Indie music industry

In a country with over a billion people, countless languages and multitude of musical influences, it takes special talent to stand out from the crowd as an entertainer. Luckily talent is what Assam’s Kalpana has sacks full of.

One of the most popular Bhojpuri singers in India right now, Kalpana came to attention in 2002 with her breakout hit album, Gawan wa leja Rajaji. Since then she has become a household name having performed on over 150 Bhojpuri film soundtracks, 100 Hindi film songs sung ,recorded more than 400 radio and television jingles and presented Sur Sangram’s season 1 & 2 and other TV shows.

Kalpana has been finalized as the judge for the upcoming show Nehle pe dehla “ Nan he Suron Ka Maha Sangraam” on Mahua Tv. The show will showcase the singing prowess of children from both UP & Bihar. In an age where talent coupled with great looks gives one the extra edge, the versatile singer is leaving no stone unturned as she gets ready to make a smashing appearance as one of the judges on Mahua Tv’s childrens music reality show NEHLE PE DEHLA. Apparently, Kalpana has been meticulously planning her looks as she wants to look young and contemporary. New hairdo, revamped wardrobe, a chiselled body… Kalpana can give even the Bollywood heroines a run for their money.

‘Let’s get innocent hearts closer. The show will bring together raw talented kids from all over UP & Bihar. The participants will be in the 8-13 years age group. Nehle pe dehla is a musical forum and opportunity for budding talent for children from UP & Bihar, says Kalpana, and adds, “Mahua channel came up with this unique concept, something different – a show that will have kids from all over UP & Bihar teaming up in a singing reality show where boys will be competing with girls. The girl’s team is boosted by Kalpana whereas the boy’s team is goofed by Pawan Singh.”

Kalpana believes that only those who sings well and performs well should win the show. But she also adds, “On a personal note, I support the girls as participants because when I entered the Bhojpuri industry, girl singers were not seen with very good eyes. Achhe Ghar Ki Ladkiya Nahi Gati Hai –the so-called society said. I entered the industry with bhajans, modern songs and even hot item numbers – but proved that singing can also be a professional career for girls. The scenario has changed and I am lucky to have set the trend.”

Kalpana is an amazing mentors and she has personally handpicked every contestants by indoor and outdoor selection rounds in Patna, Lucknow, Banaras and other places. At present she is busy with her world music project THE LEGACY OF BHIKHARI THAKUR to be released from Times Music, trying to relive the country’s long-forgotten treasure of Bhojpuri folk music.


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