Collaborative online endeavour invites entries from NE for seventh album


Collaborating with other musicians to produce an album is surely a tough job, involving hours of face-to-face interaction and practice. Or so we thought, at least until the internet and music blogging came into the picture. Though music blogging in the country is still at a very nascent stage, the ever-evolving Blogswara is now inviting entries for its seventh online music album.

For those of you who have no idea of what I am talking about, Blogswara, a website for free downloadable original music, is one of the most valuable contributions to the music blogging scene of the country. It is basically an internet music community which acts as a common platform for musicians (a majority of whom are amateurs) to showcase their talent before the world by producing original music and sharing it over the internet in order to collaborate with other likeminded musicians. A concept which became highly popular in the southern part of the country where it has its genesis, Blogswara is now expanding rapidly, vying for a pan India presence.

Talking about the birth of Blogswara, the founder Joseph Thomas recollects, “An amateur musician based in the US once wrote and composed a song called Vaazhvu Chezhikka and sent it to me. I sang the song and sent it to an IIT Chennai student for orchestration. That was the first venture. Thanks to the wonderful blogging grapevine, other musicians heard about it and soon we started developing the concept to bring music bloggers across the globe together. Thus, began the concept of BlogSwara, a collaborative internet music album.”

Six albums have been released till date and the portal is presently working on the seventh album, Trunk Call. Though the music on BlogSwara has till now been restricted to four languages — Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and Kannada, the multi-lingual web portal is embracing more and more new languages and is also trying to touch base among the musicians of the Northeast.

The best part of working with Blogswara is that in the entire production process the bloggers manage everything — lyrics, music, orchestration, vocals, recording, and mixing. Thomas explains, “Blogswara is an entirely new concept. In this domain, boundaries blur. All the work is done online. Recording, lyric-writing and singing are done by bloggers in their respective home computers and the material transmitted to each other through e-mail. With everything that goes into the process of making a music album done by us, the music is an interesting mix of rawness and finesse, and of tradition and modernism and post modernism, and of our loves, hopes and desires. We are driven by our love of music and the joy in collaboration to create our own sound. We are not dictated by any commercial goals and pressures. We haven’t met physically, but here we are: United in Music.”

Talking about the seventh album, for which they are inviting entries, Thomas says, “Blogswara has just announced the new album and is inviting entries. This time we are planning on a bi-lingual/multi-lingual album and have titled the album as ‘Trunk Call’. Our aim is to include as many new artists and languages as possible. The rules and conditions for the new album remain the same as the previous ones although we are laying stress on two points. The song entries should be bi-lingual/multi-lingual and the participant has to provide the organizers the best possible translation of the song lyrics while submitting the song.”

Interested participants can choose their own theme for the song. So just run your imagination wild and let the trunk calls begin! The first deadline is on June 10 next and if you need more details, they are just a mouse click away.


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