Brothers weave Mysore magic in city

Classical music lovers of Guwahati were in for a treat earlier this week. The reason was a violin recital by the acclaimed Mysore Brothers which was held in the auditorium of the Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture at Uzanbazar. Organized by the Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture amongst the Youth (SPICMACAY), this was one of the rare instances where music lovers got to enjoy a Carnatic classical music performance in the city.

The Mysore Brothers is made up of the amazingly gifted brothers Mysore Nagaraj and Dr. Manjunath, who are both regarded as violin maestros in the annals of Carnatic Classical Music. Making a formidable violin duet team, the brothers have created an unrivalled reputation as star performers in prestigious organizations the world over. Their performances feature an extraordinary range of musical expressions from the deepest meditations to astonishing virtuosity with outstanding artistic imagination. As critics admit, their concerts are filled with peace, tranquillity and exhilaration – the result of superb fingering and bowing techniques that create breathtakingly beautiful melodies. Their award list runs long and the same includes prestigious commemorations and titles like the prestigious Rajyothsav Award by the Government of Karnataka, Excellence award from American Institute of World culture, honors from the American Arts council, Sangeetha Samrat, Sangeetha Rathna, Ganakalashree, Sathyashri, Aryabhata honors, Meritorious Award from University of Oklahoma-USA etc.

In their performance in Guwahati last Tuesday, the brothers were accompanied by another virtuoso musician Arjun Kumar – one of the most respected Mridangam players of the world today. The group was accompanied by S Manjunath on the Ghatam – the musical clay pot that is used as a percussion instrument in Southern India.

The performance that evening began with the rendition of the somewhat Raag Bukhari, which exemplified the technical mastery of the brothers over their instrument as also their intellectual sophistication and strict adherence to classicism. This was then followed by a marching tone played on the western scale of A Major which the brothers have titled ‘The English Note’.

The highlight of the evening, however, was the jugalbandi between the violinists and Arjun Kumar which can, at best, be described as a thrilling compendium of virtuosic technical mastery by the musicians over their instruments. With Arjun Kumar’s fine aesthetics and precision in creating unabated rhythm patterns through his Mridangam and the focused demeanour of Mysore Nagaraj and Dr Manjunath – both of whom are amazingly rich in imagination and virtuosity, the group ensured that the small gathering was kept spellbound throughout.

The initiative of Spicmacay to organize the evening in association with the Vivekananda Institute of Culture is really commendable. For many of today’s youth who are slowly being weaned away from the diverse culture of our country, the organization has been playing a stellar role. I personally remember the musical performances organized at the behest of this organization while we were in school. SPICMACAY coordinator Maushumi Barooah, who was also present that evening, said, “The performance of Mysore Brothers was organized basically to introduce the students and youth of the city to the rich world of Carnatic classical music.”

Even last Tuesday, for many of today’s present generation it was an amazing sight to see the ghatam being played by S Manjunath. Watching him use his fingers, thumbs, palms and heels of the hands to strike the outer surface of the ghatam in order to create sounds, particularly the low-pitch bass sound, which compliment the mridangam was truly a beautiful experience.

Mysore truly weaved its magic on Guwahati last Tuesday. A beautiful evening and I look forward to more such initiatives.


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  1. Nice post. They (Mysore Brothers) have a distinct style and I love their playing.

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