Melodic leap back to the glorious 80’s!

After enthralling rock lovers of the North East for the last two years, the new rock sensation from Upper Assam Filharmonix released their debut album ‘Hot n High’ in front of mediapersons in Guwahati last week. An eagerly awaited album by this hard rock band based in Upper Assam, with Hot n High the band takes you on a musical rollercoaster ride back to the times of the roaring and the glorious 80’s.

Nava Thakuria and Bala Bhadra Hagjer releasing the album

Veteran journalist and editor of News Network Television Nava Thakuria formally released the album in the presence of veteran harmonica player and Sales Tax Commissioner BB Hagjer. Talking about the band’s debut album, Thakuria appreciated the efforts of the band members and said that a society can develop only when it is able to imbibe influence from other cultures and musical genres.

Hot n High, which has been recorded, mixed and mastered at Lucid Recess Studios of Guwahati, can simply be termed as a straight melodic leap back to the glorious 80’s. Rock and roll at its very best, Hot n High has a bit of everything for everyone, providing lovers of 80’s music to relive their love with rock n roll once again. The first thing that strikes you about the album is its cover. Designed by Manabendra Narayan Dutta Baruah, it has a lot of 80’s feel to it, giving the buyer enough of an idea about what to expect from the disc inside.

Album cover

A heavy meal band from Jothat, Filharmonix was formed in 2009 when Purab (ex-Axes n Angles), K.K (ex-Stellar Core) n Anu, Ved n Avi (ex-Unison) decided to merge together to play their “kind of music”. With each member drawing inspiration from various genres, all the band members have brought their own influences and their experiences in the rock circuit into the band’s music which has resulted in the trademark Filharmonix sound – a melodic blend of the old school heavy metal,
glam metal and hard rock.

Hot n High begins with the track Heavy Metal Cowboy, which is also the heaviest number in the entire album. With pulsating drum rolls and stunning guitar riffs, this track provides the perfect start by letting the listener know what to expect from the album. The next track U’d Look Hot and No No are perfect derivates of a mixture of hard rock and old school heavy metal, followed by Anaa Inside – a sensitive rocksy-type ballad of love and longing. A definite thumbs up!

The band’s most well known track L.O.V.E. Machine follows next. Marked by the striking guitar interludes and highly energized vocals, L.O.V.E. Machine with its mixture of glam metal and hard rock is all about having a good time. Well, I surely did have a good time listening to this one!

While most of the band’s lyrics shift around enjoying life the rock n roll way, the album also has a few sensitive lyrics like For You and Daddy’s Girl besides Anna’s Inside. Daddy’s Girl dwells on the dilemmas faced by girls from middle-class families of the region who leave their homes aspiring to make it big in the world of fame and glamour, only to be greeted with darkness and despair. The high point of this track is definitely Purab’s vocals.

At a time when extreme metal has dominated the entire rock circuit, Filharmonix with its debut album has given rock lovers enough to cheer. I highly recommend this album to all those who grew up on a staple diet of hard rock and heavy metal.


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