Evoking Freedom in the truest sense

The third edition of Freedom Jam was held in the city last Monday and judging from the number of participants as well as the enthusiastic manner in which they were received, all I can say is that this jamming session has grown. Quite exponentially at that. From its humble origins in 2009 when a few of us music lovers and musicians had gathered in front of Commerce College to celebrate Independence Day, it is indeed heartening to see many more faces joining the attempt since then.

A number of veterans and seasoned sessions joined the upcoming musicians of the city this time to evoke country love. Seasoned harmonica player Bala Bhadra Hagjer and guitarists Amlandeep Das and David Baker were among the first who joined the upcoming musicians in the jam session last Monday. The list of other musicians included Rishav, Gaurav, Debarun, Robin, Jitu, Rupom and others.

For the uninitiated, Freedom Jam is celebrated by musicians of the city in front of Commerce College every year in a bid to evoke country love and to remind the youth of the significance of the day. Led by musicians and music lovers of the city, the jamming sessions are a huge success as lots of passers-by join the impromptu session and light candles by the roadside. If nothing else, these jams are testimony to the immense healing and binding power of music.

In a city where August 15 has become just another holiday, this initiative of the musicians deserve praise. Although widespread jubilations mark Independence Day in other parts of the country, the very essence of the same has got lost amongst the people of our State with the people choosing to refrain from coming out of their homes, irrespective of the fact whether there is a bandh call or not.

Rupam Bora, one of the main initiators of the session, said that the main reason behind organizing Freedom Jam was to remind the young generation of the day’s significance. “We do not have high-sounding objectives or ideas. There are no big names or stars involved in this session and everyone is free to join. We don’t have any backdrop or logos and the only motive behind organizing this session is to celebrate the day through music, so that today’s generation are at least reminded of the significance of being able to live in a free, sovereign country.”

The first jam in 2009 was more of an impromptu session with musicians like Deepak, Rabiul, Joshua and others jamming on the streets. The number of participating musicians, however, have been increasing every year. “This year, quite a few respected professionals and musicians joined the celebration and it gives us a lot of pleasure to see the fest growing in such proportions,” says Bora.


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