Photography appreciation forum conceived in Northeast

Photography as a subject, including its various specialisations like wildlife photography, cultural photography, etc, has failed to take off in the Northeast with no holistic effort ever being made or even attempted in this regard. Despite having a lot of talents, the lack of proper guidance and appreciation are seen as the usual deterrents to aspiring photographers who end up giving their passion out of frustration. This deplorable scenario, however, is all set to take a turn for the better, thanks to the initiative of two photographers who have founded one of the first photography appreciation forums in the Northeast.

The story behind Frameworks, as the initiative is called, is interesting. Ujjal Bora and Nabarun Bhattacharya, the driving force and the brains behind it, had had to grapple with it all before embarking upon this endeavour. In fifteen years of backbreaking work behind the view finder they have felt the pinch and weathered the personal frustrations, and have vowed that the same should not happen to any other emerging photographer who wishes to make a career out of the wonderful box that captures light.

With a host of plans like photography workshops, cultural workshops and the like under its belt, Frameworkz covers the entire gamut of elements that goes into the making of a world-class photographer. “Right from imparting training to budding talents with in depth sharing of trade secrets, to conducting field workshops and finally and most importantly providing a platform for artists to showcase and market their talent, Frameworkz does it all,” says Bora, a graduate in zoology who found his real love in the camera much later in life.

And as part of their first project, the duo has already started off with the first avian survey in the Northeast. The Frameworks Bird Project, as they have named the survey, will be headed by renowned ornithologist Anwaruddin Choudhury while wildlife enthusiast and filmmaker Gautam Saikia will also be part of the same.

A first-of-its-kind initiative, the project will involve a multi-disciplinary study of birds through still photography, filming and video documentation of all avian species found in the jungles of the region. The results will be published in the form of a book with both online and hard copy versions and the same will be complimented with dazzling photographs and write-ups. A documentary film will also be made as a supplementary outcome of the project.

In a region where wildlife photography has got very few takers, and even lesser buyers, the Frameworks team hopes that the published material will serve as an excellent reference guide for the future generations to come. The team will visit all the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks over the next three years in a bid to capture the birds on their cameras.

The Northeast, particularly Assam, is known as home to about 750 species of birds. Various surveys conducted by ornithologists, scholars and bird watchers indicate that there are about 479 species of birds in Kaziranga National Park, 380 in Manas National Park, 440 in Dibru Saikhowa National Park and 347 varieties in Nameri alone.

Ujjal says, “If you suffer from the same creative impulses, are as mesmerised by the machinations of the camera, and have it in you to slog it out in a leech infested jungle or for that matter can toil for hours under the sun in a village fair only to immortalise that fleeting moment of life which shall never come again, come be a part of this wonderful journey with us.”


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