Innovative music portal launched

An innovative music portal dedicated to creating music online took birth recently. The portal,, is spearheaded by Rrituraj Sharma and Indrajit Chetia – two passionate musicians for whom music took a back seat because of work pressure and family responsibilities. Talking about the model, Rrituraj said, “These are people who are well established in their routine careers and who will never go to a reality show to showcase their talents. This is an attempt to bring them back to music and in the process demonstrate such talents to the whole world.”

Based on a non-revenue model, the portal was launched on September 25 last with the Assamese launch song ‘Xoloni Prithivi’. The portal founders informed that the response has been satisfactory and has received a lot of appreciation in the online community. The video for the album was shot in London and the same received as many as 2000 + hits for download in the first week of its launch. All the songs in is available free for download.
“We have introduced a new singer, Pranab Gohain, based in Mumbai in the song ‘Xoloni Prithivi’. Written by Manas Robin, this song speaks about the fact that ‘Old times are nothing but sweet memories, it’s a Changed World today’,” said Rrituraj. Their second number is planned for a New Year 2012 release, he informed. “Written by our in-house lyricist Minakshi Gogoi from Dibrugarh and myself, this song reminisces of the Guwahati city of the 80s and 90s. The video for this song is shot in Guwahati and will show case many popular locales/joints in the city,” he said.
Talking about the operating model, the duo said that they have even recorded with people they have not met till now. “We plan to release our songs as singles, one in every 3-4 months. The benefit of this is we get enough time to ensure that every song has the best output in terms of production and is at par with industry standards. There will be an attempt to make a video with every song so that the impact of the song with the audience will be very high,” said Indrajit.

Apart from Assamese, Rrituraj and Indrajit are also working on their first Hindi launch in about a years time from now. “Our ultimate aim is to go global and work with singers and musicians across the globe with language being no bar. However all compositions will be original and from the in house stack only,” Indrajit said.

The promoters of back2music, Rrituraj Sharma and Indrajit Chetia, both hail from Assam. As a musician and composer, Rrituraj had been part of ace singer Arun Das’s band in the late nineties. Originally from Guwahati, Assam, he says his mother had been a great influence and his father a big boost to his musical journey since an early age. His work as a Consultant with a leading IT firm took him to London in 2009 where he is now currently based and works very closely over his free time, including weekends, with talented individuals across the world to showcase them through back2music. “My compositions range from the rustic touch of rural life to the contemporary feel of the urban world and echoes the very strong and emotional bond that I have with Assam,” he says. A self taught videographer, he conceptualizes, directs and edits the videos of the songs back2music composes.

His partner, Indrajit (Chetia), originally from Jorhat, Assam, is currently based in Mumbai. Guitar being his forte, he picked up the nuances of the keyboard and is now a freelance music arranger and composer, class apart. He has created a mark for himself, amidst the cut-throat competition in the Bollywood music industry, as a fine music arranger and has arranged songs for ace singers like Shaan, Udit Narayan, Javed Ali and music directors like Pritam and Justin-Uday. He now tours the country as a member of Shreya Ghosal’s live show ensemble.


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