Kolkata Music Festival kicks off on quaint notes

The 2011 edition of the Kolkata International Music Festival kicked off at the Rabindranath Tagore centre on November 18. Organized by Song of Soul in association with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, the first phase of this year’s festival is dedicated to world music while the second phase is devoted to folk and tribal music. The next phase will be organized from December 15 to 25.

As part of the first phase which kicked off today, Songs of Soul have provided the people of Kolkata with the opportunity to interact with three diverse group of musicians who have travelled the world gathering knowledge which they now want to share.

World’s leading saxophone player Rain Sultanov spoke on Ajerbaijani music – Mugham – in the first workshop which was held at the Calcutta School of Music yesterday. Boi Akih from Netherlands and Robin Sukhadia will be conducting their workshops at Weavers studio tomorrow.

post-Boi Akih-EN-A5

Boi Akih has Monica Akihari on vocals, Neils Brouwer on guitar and Sandip Bhattacharya on the table and the three of them have developed a distinct repertoire of their ensemble. The combination of European, Indian, Indonesian, African, Sundan and Bali coulours give the band an unique sound and colour in the current musical mileu.

The second phase of KIMF this year will feature more than 700 artists from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Russia and Thailand. The festival, to be organized over a span of ten days, will include exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions, film shows, workshops and exclusive food stalls, revealing the incredible cultural richness and diversity of folk and tribal music. “It is different from every other music festival because it focuses on these neglected forms, which we take for granted. That attitude must change now so as to give the folk and tribal music the respect it deserves,” says Kaushik Datta, artistic director of the festival.

File photo of KIMF 2010

Published in The Sentinel on November 19, 2011


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