Guwahati based Death/Thrash act releases single


Death Metal powerhouse Agnostic will bring their signature tunes to the Undergrind Fest(Bangalore) on the 14th of April with the album (Morbid Embracement) release. The band’s rabid and intense performances have been igniting stages around the circuit.

Given that their frontman and drummer- MitulBoro, has been a percussionist for many years, it is no surprise that this band has come to be known as one of the most experienced bands in the Northeastern Circuit. Agnostic has so far, performed and competed in a considerable number of festivals, pub gigs and competitions throughout the Northeast- Indian Metal Circuit.

Morbid Embracement isn’t about metal- overproduction or intricate songwriting/ instrumentation. The band has very intentionally arranged everything in a straightforward technique. Producer Siddharth Barooa has also made sure everything sounds raw as possible. There’s a solid theme backing the entire mix. This isn’t stuff that you’ve never heard before- but we’re sure you’ll like it for what it is.” Says Bassist Nitu Saikia.


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