Music video after Assam ethnic clashes

Recent incidents in the State of Assam have shifted the notice of the entire world community towards the northeastern part of the country. Clashes between indigenous people of the State and illegally-settled migrants from Bangladeshi have literally thrown the socio-political equations topsy-turvy. As Army conducts flag marches in different areas and with people coming out in the streets in large numbers, memories of the Assam Agitation in which many people sacrificed their minds come back into one’s mind.

At this time of social unrest, the role of music in healing wounds has once again been brought to the forefront. In a bid to use music as medium to unite the people, a group of young Assamese musicians and writers, settled in different parts of the country, have got together to produce a video, ‘Xisi Diya Rong Hopunor, Gathi Luwa Sur Jibbonor’.

Talking about the video, Rajdweep who conceived the project, said, “Xisi Diya Rong Hopunor, Gathi Luwa Sur Jibbonor’ is not just a song. It is a prayer for peace and harmony amid all the social unrest in Assam. It’s based on the recent clashes that erupted in BTAD district. We, 5 boys residing in different parts of the country, have always believed in the power of music and its ability to convey social messages. We hopes the album will be able to make a difference in the lives of the affected people.”

Incidentally, Rajdweep, a well known cultural journalist, has also penned the lyrics for the video. The music for the album has been composed by Anurag, based in Mumbai, while the singer is Neel from Guwahati. The sound production is by Bhaskar from Mumbai while Bitupon from Chennai has created the video montage.

Rajdweep further said, “While we know that we wont be able to change anything, we do hope that we are able to make a little difference in the lives of a few. We hope that this journey of ours will continue for a long time to come”.

(Published in Symphony on September 8, 2012)


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