‘Custom-made guitars have huge demand in NE’

Nituo Tsuzu

Nituo Tsuzu

The only retail outlet of Furtados in Northeast India is located in Dimapur. Being the sole franchisee, this outlet attracts lots of musicians, not only from Dimapur but from other towns and cities of the region as well. The store’s proprietor Nituo Tsuzu, who is an accomplished pianist herself, talks about the demand in the region.

1.      What kind of music instruments are selling fastest these days?

 Answer: We normally sell a lot of western instruments but these days the guitars are really selling well.

2.      What the demand more for?

 Answer: There is no demand for anything in particular as such. But we are getting a lot of requests for custom-made guitars. People in the Northeast seem to have become choosy about the colour and make of their guitars. Whenever we get such requests, we normally order it from outside.

There is also a renewed demand for guitar maintenance kits (we sell the ones by planet waves) and accessories like drum pedals, skins, etc.

3.      What about other hardware?

 Answer: There is not much demand for other hardware. We do of course sell, at   times, speakers, stereo systems, pick ups and head machines

4.      What kind of hardware do you recommend for small / home set up studios?

 Answer: For any one setting up a small set-up, I would suggest he or she first buys a good recording interface. It doesn’t cost much and is perfect for beginners. We normally suggest the M Audio Fasttrack. Then he or she can go for Yamaha stereo monitors and a good condenser mic. We normally recommend the AKG C100 mic, which is very basic but at the same time, very convenient for amateurs.

5.      Personally, which is the next gadget u aspire to buy?

 Answer: I wish that one day I am able to have my own acoustic piano – one custom-made by Stienway and Sons


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