Scavenger releases Christmas Collection in festive season


The much anticipated Northeast Christmas Collection, as conceived by Victor Vanlalhruia of Scavenger Management, was released in a scaled-down version earlier this month due to unforeseen technical issues. Although the Christmas Collection featured only artists and bands from Mizoram, it marked the emergence of two new forces in the Northeast – Scavenger Management label and Kings and Prophets – one of the biggest studios in the region.

Conversation with Victor Vanlalhruia – founder of Scavenger Management and Scavenger Records – the sole label of Mizoram.

Q. What were the initial plans for the Christmas album?

A: We had originally conceived it as a northeast collection which would feature bands from the entire Northeast. However, things didn’t work out as planned and as of now all the featured artists and bands are from Mizoram itself. The featured bands are artists are Blues Sheriff, Boomarang, Casey’s Secrets, Magdalene, Croatia, Rosy K Ransangpuii, etc.

Q. Tell me about Scavenger Records and what distribution and marketing strategy do you have in place?

 A: Scavenger Records is run by me, Booma of Boomarang and Ben from Tura. This is our first offering and we officially launched our website ( on the day of the release of the album. We are presently looking for partners across the entire and are busy establishing linkages. The album is presently available in all the major towns and cities of the Northeast and we are trying to distribute it outside as well.

Q. Tell me more about Scavenger Management…

 A: Scavenger Management is a convergent model that assimilates and caters to the niche of all live music aficionados – artiste management, event planning, multi media-production and booking agency. Housed with a skilled and experienced team, Scavenger Management had built up a reputation as a vibrant and creative company, which not only knows how to deliver an unforgettable experience, but also how to give the clients the most at a minimum budget.

Q. Kings and Prophets – the studio where the album is recorded is said to be real top-end…..

 A. Well, I would rate it as one of the biggest studios in the region. The owner and engineer of Kings and Prophets are Toi and Intoate who have both been trained in the US. The infrastructure is also huge and I am sure a lot of good work will come out from here. The mixing was done in my studio i.e. Scavenger Records.

Q. What are the immediate future plans?

 A: As soon as we are done distributing the album, we will be working on a Northeast peace project compilation which will feature bands and artists from all the eight States of the Northeast.



ROSY K. REMSANGPUII: Singer, songwriter and nationalist Rosy had won an award for the “Best Female Artist” unaccountably for four times. She had composed and wrote over 200 songs & along with her as being a prominent free lance writer and columnist for various newspapers and magazines including the souvenirs published by various Mizo Student Associations across the country; which had counted to over 30 articles and journals by her. The book entitled “Manners and Etiquette ” written by the lady “her” had even been released by the honorable Chief Minister of Mizoram and is approving a great response from the community and the like. She had traveled across the country performing at different places and even at counties like South Africa and Kenya.


ANDREW LALTLANKIMA: Started his career as being the front man for the Gospel band named ” Dr.Luke” , he is now one of the most well known and talented male Gospel /Pop singer inside the state of Mizoram. He is currently recording his début album which is scheduled to be launched around March of 2013 , produced by our studio partner – Toia of Kings and Prophets Studio.



MAGDALENE: Magdalane is a Gospel / Christian Rock formed in 2005 and got their name ‘Magdalene’ from the Bible – ‘Mary Magdalene’,  LUKE chapter 8:1-3. Their Nu-Age sound won them the ’Best Band’ in their home town twice, by 2 of the leading Music Magazines – ‘Rimawi Khawvel’ on 2006 and by ‘Lelte Weeky Magazine’ on 2007. They have even been featured on the RAVE magazine. Mag has also participated in Great Indian Rock in both 2006 and 2007 and has won several competitions around India: 1st runners-up at IIT Roorkee 2006 Feb, Best Bassist, Best Original Composition in their song called ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ (which was not on
the Album)… Best Band in IIT Roorkee on 2006 Oct, Best Vocalist, Best Guitarist, Best Original Composition for ‘Don’t Forsake me’… Best Band in IIT Kanpur on 2006 Oct, Best Vocalist, Best Guitarist, Best Original Composition, ‘Fallen’, which was also not on the Album.


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