Mr. Rajkumar’s new movie on rhino poaching

Mr Rajkumar

The elusive Mr. Rajkumar, who has become a cult figure for an entire generation in Assam, recently announced that his new movie would be based on the burning issue of rhino poaching. “The one-horned rhino is Assam’s pride. If poachers drive the one-horned rhino to extinction, what will remain of the Assamese society. We should be more aware. (Akhingia gor axomor gourab. Jadi sorang sikariye aibur mari khekh kore axomor ki hobo. Aami xojag huwa tu usit),” Rajkumar posted on his Facebook account as he announced the on-going shoot of Animal Hunter.

Mr. Rajkumar, who has made films like Terrorist Enter my House and Criminal Hunter, is a sort of legend amongst the young generation, primarily on account of his uncanny takes on various issues of the day. Incidentally, he is the producer, director, singer, songwriter and lead protagonist all rolled in to one in all his ventures.

Although not on the commercial radar, Rajkumar’s popularity as an actor, singer and songwriter can be gauged from the heavy responses to his Facebook account the moment he opened one last month. With a fan base extending from as far as Dibrugarh to Mumbai, it would not be wrong to say that Rajkumar is nothing sort of a phenomenon in the Assamese socio-cultural milieu.

For thousands of Assamese film buffs, and even from other States, some of Rajkumar’s film dialogues have become an integral part of their colloquial idiom. The roles he portrayed, like Selim da, and his unpretentious on and off screen candour, are primary reasons for his sky-rocketing popularity. This is also reflected in one of his candid updates soon after he opened his Facebook account, “How many more friend requests will I accept? I never knew I was loved so much.”

And as his fans eagerly await the release of his next movie, we can be rest assured that Mr. Rajkumar will do justice to his new found reputation as the most admired vigilante next door of the state.


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  1. He is the Rajnikanth of Assam 😛

  2. Oi kam bon nai nki 2r…fatlami koriboloi aru jega bisari nepali..mokkal.

  3. Krishna Thapa.

    Mr.Rajkumar, you have a great fan following. I had once an opportunity to have a glance of yours at Lokhra but then I didn’t knew much about you.
    You are doing a great job no matter how small way you do it. I do appreciate ur honest efforts. Keep it up Sir.

  4. Dhrubajyoti Barik

    Great work sir Keep it up

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