Mumbai girl is the next pop icon to watch out for!

Now this is an artist you got to be looking out for. Just out of her teens, Mumbai girl Natania Lalwani is creating ripples with her debut official video, Cherry Love, which is being aired of Vh1 at present. Even for those who don’t like to go by pop, Natania’s smokey voice coupled with her subtle vocal melodies is bound to immediately make one stand up and take notice.

 Natania recently released her debut EP, “Hope & Heartbreak” and is building a local fan following across the US one show at a time. Her official video Cherry Love has already become a hit once it started streaming on Vh1. Clever Metaphors and witty plots based on songs of love and longing, which everyone can relate to, are undeniably the USP of this young vocalist. As he performs on stage and unravels her fascination with love and loss, she instantly strikes a chord with her audience – something which all aspire but very few are able to.

 All of 20 years, Natania is one of the very few Indian musicians to have passed out from Berkeley College of Music as well as get a advanced diploma from Musicians Institute. Although she considered music only as a hobby, it didn’t figure as a profession until she went to the US in 2010. As she says, “I have loved music but only thought of it as a hobby until I arrived in the US. Although I didn’t know what to expect from my new surroundings, I signed up for Berklee College of Music’s 5 week summer program to see where this unforgiving love of a “hobby” might take me.”


 In Berkeley, Natania frequented the practice rooms and excelled at her studies with ease. It was towards the end of this program when Natania called herself “comfortable” with her writing ability, though still unsure of her identity as a songwriter. 

 Natania’s next major step was her decision to enrol into Musicians Institute’s (MI) vocal program in Hollywood, CA for the fall quarter of that same year. This decision marked the emergence of her song writing talents and as she says, this “migration out west (was) the most pivotal decision (she’s) ever made”. “The fast pace of Southern California begged me to keep up, which resulted in a tremendous amount of invaluable experience that ultimately honed my craft of songwriting. I wrote boundlessly and given that, self discovery was undeniable, says Natania.

 In her debut EP, Natania interprets the inner cogs of love and loss that turn with each step she took during this journey. Her translations echo common emotions we’re all familiar with, thus making the listening experience that much more personal. 

 I had a swell time listening to Cherry Love. Interacting with Natania over the past few weeks has further helped me understand her music and sentiments. The music had always been there, it emerged only when she let herself succumb to it. Truly, what was then a hobby can now be defined as a way of life for Natania, and a way of understanding for listeners.



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