Handshake concert travels to Indonesia this year


The fifth edition of the Handshake concert will be held in Indonesia. The organizers, Rattle&Hum Music Society, informed that they will be partnering with Gedung Kesenian, Jakarta,  historically known as Schouwburg Weltevreden, a concert hall in Jakarta which was built during the Dutch colonial period, to host the fifth edition of the ‘Handshake Concert 2013’ on June 19 next.

R&HMS president Theja Meru said that this year’s concert will be held as a part of the larger Jakarta Festival, an annual event in Indonesia organized by the Gedung Kesenian society. “The whole idea is to promote Naga culture and artists from local to global arena. The world is our stage, we want to promote and show case Nagaland to the world”, he said.

Around 25 artistes from India and Nagaland have been lined up for this edition of the Handshake concert. The performing troupe will include, besides others, Grammy award winner and patron of R&HMS Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, the Nagaland Chamber Choir (TNCC), Alobo Naga & The Band, Renbeni Odyuo, Zowie Madrigal, Naro Pienyü amongst others. “The performing artistes were selected on the basis of their achievements and contributions to Naga music,” Meru said. The team will be led by Khriehu Liezietsü, MLA & Advisor NRE, Music Task Force and chairman DPDB, Kohima district.

Ate Kevichusa, who was the producer for Channel V, will be the key coordinator and producer for the 2013, Handshake Concert in Jakarta.


This is the second international edition of the Handshake concert. The first international event was held in Bangkok last year. The handshake concert started in Guwahati as the World Music Festival in Guwahati on June 21, 2008.Following the successful turn of event, the idea of organizing such an event, as Handshake Concert was coined by members of the society to celebrate culture and promote goodwill and universal friendship through music with the theme— “One handshake at a time”. The concert has till now travelled to Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Bangkok.


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