Sneak preview of Ragamaya Sessions released


Assamese singer Dhriti Deori recently released the song ‘Mone namane’ with a simple music video on the internet. The song and video is from his upcoming album ‘Ragamaya Sessions’ was released as a preview. The album, which will have a total of eight tracks, has been recorded in a number of places like Shillong, Guwahati and Himachal.

 Talking about the album, Dhriti, who is an avid traveller and owner of a travel expedition group, said, “We have recorded and shot the album in a number of places. Besides using local musicians from the place, we have also used a number of traditional instruments as well as ones from outside the country. Some of the instruments we have used are the Serja (Bodo stringed instrument), ukulele, khasi dotora, as well as some Tibetan instruments.”


The album, as such, will be a highly interesting one and given the diverse range of musicians and instruments used, offer a beautiful peek into different exotic cultures of the country, and especially the Northeast. Dhriti’s first album, Mon Akax, was very well received in music circles both in the region and outside. The album has a number of videos shot in beautiful locales, including one in the relatively unexplored valleys of Mizoram.

 The song, Mone Namane, has been conceptualized, sung and penned by Dhriti himself. The video for the song has been shot in the riverine island of Majuli. The accompanying musicians in the song are Shrutiman Deori on acoustic guitars, Roon Buragohain on electric guitar, David Ordeo on Bass guitar, Rishi Bora and Simanta Choudhury. The recording has been done by RIshi Bora who has also played the organ and provided the backing vocals. The camera has been handled by Nitin Pegu while the editing has been donw by Sandeep Chatterjee and Liza Pegu.

 Dhriti’s music is deeply rooted in the Indian culture’s vibrancy and kaleidoscopic variety. His music is a sweet blend of lounge, Indian Classical with elements of folk from northeast India. Born into a musical family, he has been musically inclined since a very tender age and sharp at understanding the nuances of the various forms of folk and contemporary music. Dhriti’s musical training in Indian Classical started at the age of 10 and after getting a strong foundation he went on further to give a professional touch to his musical skills and did his Audio Engineering Degree from SAE, Chennai. He has a deep love for the folk music of North-East India. Nature he believes is his inspiration.


 Given the success of his debut album, the reason for Dhriti to launch his second album online is intriguing. Talking about the same, he said, “Given the changing market dynamics, it is no longer feasible to have just physical copies of an album. While I will of course have physical sales, it will be limited and just for family members and close friends.” He further said, “The present spate of the market is very confusing as nobody buys physical copies from the music and nobody likes to pay for audio downloads. I am presently toying with the idea of making the album available on my website for free download and then request people for donations for the musician.”

 Dhriti’s upcoming album surely holds a lot of promise and we look forward to hearing the same very soon. Here’s wishing him the very best.


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