Second edition of Monalisa Chankija’s Monsoon Mourning released


 Prof A.J. Sebastian, Head of the Department of English, Nagaland University earlier this month released the second edition of Monsoon Mourning, the second poetry collection of veteran Naga journalist and poet Monalisa Chankija. The release function which was held at NEZCC hall in Dimapur was widely attended by a diverse spectrum of people comprising well known litterateurs, writers and journalists.Image

 Monalisa Chankija had written two volumes of poetry, ‘Weapons of Words of Pages of Pain’, and ‘Monsoon Mourning’ in 1993 and 2007 respectively. While both were highly popular, the second edition of Monsoon Mourning had to be brought out this year based on popular demand as the earlier stocks had run out. The new edition has been published by the Heritage Publishing House, one of the premier publishing houses of the region.

 Monalisa Chankija is a noted journalist, poet and writer who is also the editor of Nagaland Page. She is slated to receive the 2013 Governor’s Award for her pioneering work in Nagaland early next year.


 Monalisa collection of poetry will become part of the NEZCC’s collection of art and culture works from the region for its silver jubilee celebration. “This collection of poems talks of the courage of women, of survival in an insurgency-prone area. They reflect longings, unfulfilled promises and hope for the future,” said Som Kamei, Director of the NEZCC.

 Presenting a reflective and explanatory review of the collection titled ‘Monsoon Mourning’, Professor A.J. Sebastian, said, “The poems are a window to some of the contemporary social concerns prevalent in the Naga society which call for concerted effort from all quarters. She has been very articulate in expressing her anguish which will certainly have their due share of influence on society ushering in societal transformation in the midst of social woes.”

 Monalisa Changkija’s poems have been introduced in courses run by the Nagaland University, the North East Hills University as well as by the Nagaland Board of School Education. To facilitate the increasing number of Naga and non-Naga students, particularly young women studying Changkija’s poems academically and in-depth, lengthy reprints and analyses have been included in the second reprint of Monsoon Mourning.



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