Assamese Sufi sensation enthrals Delhi


 Making the entire State of Assam and Northeast proud, Mumbai-based Assamese singer Chitralee Goswami recently gave a scintillating Sufi performance during the prestigious India International Trade Fair which concluded last week. The concert, held at Lal Chowk Theatre in Pragati Maidan, left the audience spellbound and also marked the emergence of a new Sufi sensation.

 On the 24th of last month, the Lal Chowk open theatre gallery was jam packed from afternoon itself to listen to new sensation from Assamese who has managed to carve a place among the very few Sufi singers of the country.

 Chitralee’s 3-hour long performance, which received an overwhelming response from the audience, included a number of original Sufi compositions of her Guru Pandit Rakesh Sharma of Dill Gosain Gharana. Chitralee in her renditions included lyrics of Baba Farid and Bulle Shah besides, her own composition “Dum Ali Dum-Uski Khudai” and Amir Khusro’s compositions.

 Earlier in an interview, Chitralee mentioned that besides pursuing traditional and contemporary Sufi music prevalent in various part of the country, she also took inspiration from Assam’s traditional music Jikir, Jari and Tokari Geet from her childhood which have a Sufi element both in lyrics, renditions & philosophy.

 Chitralee Goswami, over the last couple of years, has made her mark as a Sufi singer. Apart from eastern, western and northern parts of the country, she is invited on a regular basis for live concerts in places like, Mysore, Bangalore, Chennai, Srirangapattan, Vijaywada. Her performance in Kerala has met with appreciate reviews in the Southern press and media.

  A leading female vocalist of the country, Chitralee is an acclaimed stage performer and a vocalist of the National Radio and Television. At the initiative of her late parents, Prabhat Narayan Goswami and Biva Goswami, she was exposed at a very young age to lot of folk music (lokgeets), bhajans, Ravindra Sangeet as well as borgeets which she started performing right from the tender age of 8. She received talim for advanced khayal & ghazal gayaki from internationally renowned music director and Commonwealth award winner Guru Pandit Rakesh Kumar Sharma of New Delhi.

  A trained classical performing artist, she later veered into semi-classical and light forms of Hindustani as well as Karnatic music. Besides music, she has also achieved a number of milestones in her professional life. “I live music,” says Chitralee who is a Cost Accountant, Post Graduate in Finance, Batchelor of Law, Master of Music and a Doctoral Scholar in Economics. She has served some of the premier Institutions of the country in responsible positions such as Deputy Registrar and Head – Finance, Head-Internal Audit & Head-Academic Affairs of Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT Guwahati), Head- Corporate Communication, North East for ONGC, Finance Controller of AMTRON, Deputy General Manager, Finance at Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd & Visiting Faculty to Guru Goving Singh Indra Prastha University, New Delhi.

 A perfectionist in all her endeavours, she is presently serving ONGC’s Western Offshore Basin at Mumbai.

 (Published in The Sentinel (Symphony) on December 7, 2013)


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