First Mizo novel in English released

Zorami by Malswami Jacob earning rave reviews across the country

Noted journalist and writer from Mizoram, Malsawmi Jacob, recently released the first Mizo novel in English. The book, entitled ‘ZORAMI: A redemption song’ is already earning rave reviews across the country.



‘Zorami’ is based on the Mizo fight for independence that started in the mid-1960s and its social and psychological impact on the people of Mizoram. The main character Zorami, though an individual, symbolizes the people of Mizoram. The book also draws on the history, culture and folk-lore of the Mizo people to bring the story alive.

Malsawmi Jacob is no newcomer in the world of journalism and literature. She has earlier worked as a lecturer in English in Aizawl, Mizoram, and in Bangalore. She has also freelanced as a writer in different publications like The Assam Tribune, the Northeast section of The Telegraph, and the Northeast Frontier. She has published six other books and contributed to four other books.

‘Zorami’ is Malswami’s first novel. It is also the first novel written in English by a Mizo writer.

The book ‘Zorami’ has already earned rave reviews from critics across the country. Echoing his views, Sonny Zachariah, Ex-Principal, St Claret’s College of Bangalore, said, “Malsawmi has immortalised the Mizo people and takes the reader to their very soul.”

Not to be undone, Stacy Wiebe, a creative writing teacher, said, “I feel that I have gained a glimpse into Mizoram’s soul, not only through the history and culture that form the backdrop of the narrative, but also through Malsawmi Jacob’s gentle, unaffected voice.”

Another noted poet Nabina Das said, “Malsawmi Jacob’s story, in the backdrop of stunning Mizo lore and volatile politics, is complex and incisive. The author seamlessly and brilliantly uses Mizo folklore, songs and cultural terms.”

Zualteii Poonte, Associate Professor in English of Aizawl Government College further said, “The novel is written in Malsawmi’s distinctive restrained, understated, always beautifully lucid style that breaks into poetry in moments of passion.”

The book is available for online sale in most online stores and departments. Here is wishing Malsawmi the heartiest congratulations for her sincere efforts in bringing out ‘Zorami’.


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