New folk fusion group utilizing Assamese folk elements in their compositions


It goes without saying that Assam, with its various ethnic communities, is very rich in culture. Icons like Jyoti Prasad Rabha- Parvoti had set the trend of extracting the essence of musical elements out of the folk varieties and using them in the songs they composed, tuned and sang. Following their footsteps, a good number of Assamese artistes belonging to the new generation have been continuing with their endeavour to utilize the Assamese folk musical elements in their own compositions.

One such group is “Folk Tale” of Kolkata. Folk Tale is a Kolkata based musical band comprising artistes from Assam & Bengal. The artists from Assam are Ms. Anubhuti Kakoty (Vocal), Mr. Emon Goswami (Keyboard) and Mr. Ritu Pawan Kotoky (Guitar). The artists from Kolkata are Mr. Abhik Haldar and Pankaj Malakar.

Anubhuti says, “Folk Tale’s declared aim is to go to the world stage through the rural path and quay of the mighty Brahmaputra of Assam. This was the philanthropic and universal concept propounded by Rupkonwor Jyoti Prakash Agarwala (Gaonliya baatedi, luitor ghaatedi, biswa-dorbarloi juwa.)”

Ms. Anubhuti hails from Jorhat and is going to appear in the final exam of M. A. in Music from Kolkata University. Mr. Emon Goswami hails from Guwahati and is a Sound Engineer working in Mumbai for the last several years. He’s worked in film like Barfi and serial like Satyameva Jayate.


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