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Folk rock band releases new song ‘Jotadhari’


A folk rock band, Eastern Soul Players (ESP) recently released a folk song based on Lokogeet. The song ‘Jotadhari’ is available at

EASTERN SOUL PLAYERS (ESP), a folk rock band from Jorhat, Assam started its journey in 2010. But even before the band was formed, the band members were performing in different genres and were often spending time together chatting and discussing various aspects of folk music of north east India parallel the other genres of the west.

The first performance of the band dates back to January 2010 with limited number of composition but an inspiring feedback from the viewers. Till then, the bands have been trying to work on folks like dehbisaror geet, tukari geet, lokogeet, and the like and have been composing jazz and reggae. Since birth, the band have spend years in knowing folk rock and by this time experiments with several compositions were completed successfully.

 The lyrics usually deals with mythology, philosophy and spiritualism. By 2013, the band came out with full might and started performing live. With the expected support from the viewers and wellwishers, the band started recording their assets that they had created so far. ‘Jotadhari’, ‘Axutuxo’, ‘Kuji Baai’, ‘Vobo Boitoroni’, ‘Pita Putro’, etc are some of the compositions of EASTERN SOUL PLAYERS (ESP).

 The song ‘Jotadhari’ is based on the tune of folk-songs or Lokogeet. The band does not claim it as a Loko geet, but in respect of the lyrics and tune, the song which deals with a myth tends to approach what is called Loko geet. Jotadhari, being all about Lord Shiva, creates an imaginary scene of Kailash in listeners mind and provides a sense of spiritualism.

 The characters mentioned in the song are Lord Shiva, his followers Nandi and Bhingi, His wife Mother Parvati and his sons Karttik and Ganesh.