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Music can overcome all hurdles

The occasion might have been the World Disability Day, but these special children enthralled the audience with their unique set of talent, belting out hit numbers, strumming the guitar to melodious harmony and shaking a leg to the right rhythm.

As the top names of Assamese music industry participated in a function of World Disability Day on the banks of the Dighalipukhuri in the city on Friday (December 3), the children and teenagers of Destination too displayed their musical skills to much applause from the big-wigs and the audience.

Students of Destination danced to the tunes of a popular Hindi film number ‘Ek Tara’ as their teachers and guardians fondly held their hands and guided them through the movements.

Neelotpal enthralled the audience with two songs in accompaniment of live music, making the audience swing and clap with him. His friend Rohan was not be left behind as he strummed soulful tunes on his guitar.

The programmes by these special children of Destination were punctuated by performances of professional artists.

Popular heart-throbs Zubeen, Dikshu vied for attention along with senior singers like JP Das and National Award winner Tarali Sharma. Zee TV’s dancing star Jeetumoni too put up a special performance.

But the clear favourites were the Destination students, who proved with great success that a handicap in some form cannot be a hurdle for musical excellence.