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Child prodigy releases second album

An album of English songs ‘Friends Forever’ by child artiste Miranda Saikia was released by noted musician Ghana Kanta Deka at the Guwahati Press Club on the occasion of Childrens’ Day. Miranda’s first album in Assamese –Amak Ekhon Akash Diya was released last year on the same day.

‘Friends Forever’ has eight songs all sung by Miranda. What should be a matter of delight for music lovers of Assam is that Miranda, an eleven-year-old student of Class 6 has lent her voice and melody to the eight songs in the CD which have various themes including love for parents, music, parents, teachers, and pets. The themes reflect a child’s way of thinking and worldview. The fact that children like to do things on their own and they can enjoy the beauty of this world even when they are subjected to discipline and restricted liberty is reflected in the songs. The concept and direction of the album is by Dhrubajitt Saikia and Mizo P.Borah. The songs reflect the likes or tastes of children of her age and also have sent forth requests and messages to the young and old alike. The songs have been written by Dr. Mizo P. Borah, music direction given by Debajit Choudhury and music arrangement made by Ranjib Das, Siddharth Barua and Amitabh Barooa.

The songs rendered by this solo singer are heart rending and Miranda has dedicated this album to all her friends who inspired her to sing English songs and get some of them recorded in the form of a CD. The songs may be categorized under the genre-children/pop/singer style.

The CD release function was attended by Teelotamma Bhuyan as Guest of Honour, Social Worker, Makan Dutta Bora, Prafulla Sarma, Singers Debajit Choudhury, Aparna Dutta Choudhury, Kunjalal Roy, Prof. Dipak Deka, Krishna Deka, Jyotismita Das. and others.

The Chief Guest Ghana Kanta Deka discussed trends in music in India and Assam referring to popularity of western music gaining importance in the State. He highlighted the quality of the album by saying that it was up to the mark and projects like this should be taken up and continued. Writer Teelotamma Bhuyan highlighted the importance of “Childrens’ Day” and wished that new projects should be taken up for the welfare of children in the near future.

The function was anchored by Dr. Mizo P. Borah who while explaining the objectives of the function also mentioned how sincerity pays and requested children to be motivated towards singing folk songs and learning their mother tongues and showing interest towards learning English and other languages too.


1. English for Beginners and Trainers (Educational CD – Produced by SCERT in collaboration with SSA, Assam) -2007
2. Amak Ekhon Akash Diya (Produced by Miranda’s Creations) – 2010
3. Friends Forever (Produced by Miranda’s Creations)- 2011

1. Janane Janane Amar Bhasha(Lyrics-Mizo P.Borah,Melody: Miranda)
1. Educational CD for pre – school children
2. Album on Assamese folk songs
FUTURE PROJECTS expected to be completed by the end of 2012
1. Assamese Modern Songs
2. ENGLISH ALBUM – Children/Pop/ Singer style